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2020-04-03 04:23 May 20, 2002 Most Sensible C# Method. Impersonates Impersonates the user represented by the object. IsAnonymous Indicates whether the user account is identified as an anonymous account by the system. IsAuthenticated Determines if the user has been authenticated by Windows. IsGuest Indicates whether the account is defined as a guest account by the system.

On Windows the UserName property wraps a call to the Windows GetUserName function. The domain account credentials for a user are formatted as the user's domain name, the '\' character, and user name. Use the UserDomainName property to obtain the user's domain name and the UserName property to obtain the user name. windows user name c# 6 Answers. We store the user names in our database in Domain\user name format. When the program starts up, it checks to see if the current windows user name (in the same format) is in the database. If it is, the program uses that user as the current user and runs. If the current Windows user

Get Windows User Display Name. Not the username, but the display name, such as is shown in the screenshot below and as seen on the start menu in any Windows Vista7 computer. I tried a bunch of different suggestions from other questions, but they all show the username, not the display name. You can see the results of these attempts in the above screenshot. windows user name c#

Try should be what you're looking for. This property is derived from HttpContext and represents the logged in user security information for the current HTTP request. . If the result is null, then I would suspect that the IIS settings is not configured properly. Here, we are going to learn to make a Windows local user account using C# . Here we are going to make a csharp console application and write code in it to make user accounts via C# . I want to be able to get the Windows user name currently logged into the computer (NOT logged into the ASP. NET application, but into Windows) when data is edited in a page. If I use, I get the user name logged into the ASP. NET application, but I need the Windows account name. windows user name c# Jun 27, 2011  All replies. You are trying to get the Windows user logged into the client machine. There is no way to use code on the server to do that. The server can only tell you the name of the credentials being passed to it. There is no way to get User1 using C# on the server if you are logged in to the server Gets the user name of the person who is currently logged on to the Windows operating system. AND. displays the user name of the person who started the current thread. If you test Environment. UserName using RunAs, it will give you the RunAs user account name, not the user originally logged on to Windows. 4 Answers. The problem with the approved answer is that if you have a policy of Lastname, Firstname in place, then DisplayName gives Smith, John, not John Smith. There are two ways to get the correct form, the userPrincipal. Name property contains John Smith (jsmith1) so you could use this, and just string. Split on ( . Or use the following:

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