Scratched vinyl windows

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Apr 17, 2017  The window is singlepane glass with 16 panes, eight over eight, with an overall size of about 5 feet by 5 feet. Two of the panes had stubborn stains, so I, unfortunately, used the abrasive side of a kitchen sponge to clean the glass. In the process, I scratched the panes. Replacing the window would cost about 2, 500, so I dont want to do that. scratched vinyl windows Dec 07, 2013 Scratched vinyl windows. Make sure the side with the haze is on top. 2Fill the spray bottle with water. Wrap a piece of 220grit sandpaper around the foam block. Sand the surface with wet 220grit sandpaper, frequently applying water to the surface with the spray bottle. Sand the surface until there is a uniform look and all of the haze is gone.

Nov 15, 2016 This quick video tutorial from VinylDoc will show you how to easily and safely remove any scratches of gouges from a vinyl window frame. scratched vinyl windows

Clean the Window. Add a tablespoon of liquid dish soap to a bowl of warm water. Use a soft cloth dipped in the mixture to wipe the vinyl window clean, ensuring that you thoroughly clean the scuffed or scratched areas. Keep in mind that you should not use paper towels or abrasive cleaners for cleaning these windows, Nov 19, 2009 I ate a 100 porch post this week because I cut it to length before noticing a couple of scratches that would have been right at eye level. But aside from that, we all run into scratched vinyl now and then, whether we do it or it's already there. Sep 12, 2007 One of my tile subs scratched a new vinyl window I installed in a bathroom remodel I am working on. Is there any way to get the scratch out without seriously damaging the rest of the vinyl on the Removing Scratch From Vinyl Windows Construction Contractor Talk scratched vinyl windows

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