Windows 8 bing maps not working

2020-02-19 10:52 Maps App for Windows 8 is a service offering powerful, userfriendly mapping technology and local business information including business locations, and driving directions. # # This is not official Google Maps. # # Maps App uses Google Maps API.

Nov 25, 2012 I have upgraded to Windows 8 Pro from Windows 7, 64 bit. The connection to the store, maps, weather, bing, and all the other charms does not work. For example, I click on store , the screen will change to display the store icon or charm on full page. The little dots in the upper left of the page go around in circles but the connection is never made. windows 8 bing maps not working Jan 03, 2019  Please check whether the Bing Maps app works in OWA. If the issue also happens in OWA for all users, please click Settings Options Apps in OWA, then check whether Bing Maps is Enabled in the list. If the issue doesnt happen in OWA but only in Outlook, please update your Outlook 2013 with the latest patches and service packs.

Solved: Hello, Can someone please explain me why I get empty maps when using the geo data from the attached Excel file? windows 8 bing maps not working

How to troubleshoot the Google Maps not working issue on Android phones? Before installing any Google Maps alternative on your Android phone, it would be better if you try to fix the application. In Android, there are a number of fixes you can attempt to make Google Maps work bing maps not working for Windows Store app. Ask Question 4. Hi I am developing an windows store app using Bing Map SDK, but the app doesn't show the map but instead shows stop screen just like it should for unsupported regions even after I updated the HomeRegion to US and Culture to enUS. Client team has low performances and low technical Browse other questions tagged windows8 modernui bingmaps or ask your own question. windows 8 bing maps not working 2 Answers. Bing Maps is not supported in these regions. To overcome this, either set HomeRegion US in or go to ControlPanel Clock, Language and Region Change Location. Set Home Location to United States. Also try with latest version of SDK. The HomeRegion Attribute is not available on Windows 8. 1 universal app Any solutions Jul 23, 2013  The Bing Maps team and I believe its properly called Bing Maps for Windows 8, not Windows 8 Maps or Maps 8, though the latter has a certain ring to it has done a great job of mapping and integrating satellite data to its system, along Jan 07, 2014 Bing Maps does work offline partially offline in Windows 8 out of the box as the map control is installed on Windows 8 and the maps get cached as a user uses the maps. Note that storing imagery on the device outside of the standard cache system is strictly forbidden. Geocoding and routing will not work offline. Jul 23, 2016 Why are Bing Maps not working? How do I fix this? Update Cancel. Does Bing Maps Streetview work on smartphones and tablet devices? Does Bing Maps work offline? Which is a better app to use in Sri Lanka, Google Maps or Bing Maps? Why isn't Google Maps working? How can I fix it?

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