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2020-04-03 12:54 Dec 07, 2004  Using Remote Desktop with Windows XP Professional Get Remote Desktop. Install the Client Software. Enable Your Computer as the Host. Remote Desktop and XP Service Pack 2. Start a Session. To create a new Remote Desktop Connection. To open a

A. XP includes the ability to host a single Terminal Services session, which lets you access applications and files on your machine from a remote machine. For more information, go to What's Remote Desktop? To enable remote access, perform the following steps: Rightclick My Computer, and select Properties. Select the Remote tab. remote computer windows xp Jan 07, 2019 Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection With Remote Desktop Connection, you can connect to a computer running Windows from another computer To connect to a remote computer, that computer must be turned on, it must have a network connection, If you're user account doesn't

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Sep 26, 2006 Remote Desktop is an optional Windows XP Professional service. To install it on a host system (to enable a computer to accept a remote connection request), Microsoft recommends you: Click Start. Click Control Panel. Select Add Or Remove Programs. Select AddRemove Windows Components. Select Internet Information Services. Click the Details button. Next, if the computer you are connecting to is running Windows XP SP3, then you need to open the firewall to allow remote desktop connections. To do this, go to Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall and click on the Exceptions tab. Make sure that the Remote Desktop check box is checked. I generally access my work computer from home through remote desktop. There are times when I am working on something and another person that can log into my work computer, logs in, and disconnects me. This is a big pain, especially when I am trying to reach a deadline on a project. remote computer windows xp

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