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2020-02-28 08:36 Jan 17, 2011 Windows 7: Explorer. exe 50 CPU usage. I Killed the explorer. exe process 2. In Nexus, I moved all the files from the folder with problem (in my case, Downloads Folder) to a Temporal Folder. 3. I moved only few files to Downloads Folder and start Explorer. exe process from FileRun in Taskmanager 3. a. Open the folder with problem in Windows

Windows 7 CPU usage high for Explorer. exe and DWM. exe. Ask Question. up vote 6 down vote favorite. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate. I get a problem with two processes: explorer. exe and sometimes dwm. exe. The two processes tend to have a CPU usage between 2030. It only occurs when I play games on my PC the PC works perfectly otherwise. windows 7 explorer.exe process high cpu 15 thoughts on is acting as a Virus, Windows 7 Kurt December 18, 2014 at 11: 34 am. Hey, nice write up. I just went through the same thing. Norton Power Eraser was the only program that detected and removed the issue.

Jan 16, 2010 Well today I just uninstalled Mcafee and downloaded Comodo Antivirus. After the first scan my CPU usage went from 1030 to, and System Idle Process sticks at around 5080 but my CPU usage is very high! No programs on the process list go over 10 and they don't add up to 50 WTF is going on! windows 7 explorer.exe process high cpu

Aug 04, 2013 Windows 7: explorer. exe high CPU usage tried everything I can think of. After two weeks! ). This was apparently causing explorer. exe to go into a loop, consuming a lot of processing power ( terrible programming P ). To fix it, I rightclicked on it and selected Properties Change Icon and selected an icon from another file at random. Apr 23, 2012  Explorer. exe showing very high CPU usage posted in Windows 7: Hello, I am having a hard time figuring this one out. I can restart explorer. exe Feb 24, 2019 System Information: I just installed the same programs but this happened to me. Well, at first, it wasn't explorer. exe that was raging in my CPU, it was dwm. exe [Desktop Windows Manager at first that was taking up 50 CPU usage. Sometimes it was taskhost. exe. The three of these processes uses High Cpu Usage on my pc, one by one, windows 7 explorer.exe process high cpu Microsoft provides several useful free tools for troubleshooting highCPUusage issues on Windows systems: adplus. vbs, Xperf, and Process Explorer. The latest addition to this list of tools is ProcDump (procdump. exe), a Windows Sysinternals tool written by Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich, directly in response to requests from What are The Reasons TrustedInstaller. exe High CPU Usage. TrustedInstaller. exe is the crucial process and using higher CPU resources periodically is considered normal, but not a flaw or aberration. Since it is the part of Windows Module Installer, it tends to check the new Windows Updates. Windows XP EXPLORER. EXE 100 CPU High Utilization A couple of days ago, I posted the fixes I ran into with performance problems with Windows XP and svchost. exe. Since that time, the site has received a number of visits from folks experiencing that issue. Mar 29, 2012 Recently the explorer. exe process is consuming 100 of CPU. The process start with 50 of CPU when Windows 7 started until reach 100. I have one file on desktop (. MHTML) with 33, 8 MB and when I try to delete or rename this file Windows Explorer freeze. When I open Desktop folder on Windows Explorer the CPU consuming goes to 100.

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