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Aug 15, 2011 No, for my money, the fastest and most effective way to cycle between open windows is by tapping AltEsc. Doing so instantly switches you to the next open window, then the next after that, and so on. There's no interim step, no thumbnail view to squint at or cycle through. Tap once and bam: the next window appears. scroll through open windows May 14, 2018 Windows 10: Switch Between Open Apps in Windows 10. Clicktap on the open app you want to switch to. Tap the Tab key or arrow keys until the open app you want to switch to is selected (highlighted with a white border around it), and press Enter. Task Manager in more details view. Under the Apps section, expand open the app (ex: Windows Explorer)

Windows 10 Tip: Switch Between Open Apps and Desktops. Task switching made easy and more consistent. Paul Using a UI that evolved only somewhat over the years, you can hold down on the ALT key and then tap TAB repeatedly to switch between the available running applications, using onscreen thumbnails. When you find the one you wish to scroll through open windows

How to navigate Windows using a keyboard Opening a program from the Start menu. Opening a program on the desktop. Closing, minimizing, maximizing, or moving a window. Closing or changing tabs. Moving between open windows and applications. Navigating between fields and buttons on a window Apr 10, 2019 I'm looking for a way to auto scroll through my tabs. i. e. 3 tabs loaded I need to change tabs every 10 seconds. Thanks Mar 30, 2015  Windows 10 has a neat new feature that lets you scroll in nonactive windows on the desktop, just as with the Mac. Heres how it works, and how you can use this feature in your own work. scroll through open windows Oct 15, 2011 Press CtrlWindows logo key Tab. now scroll with arrow keys or cursor keys or tab key: ) this key combo will lock down the Aero Flip. you would then have to hold down the windows key to hold the Aero Flip on the screen and enable flipping. . hope it helps Jul 06, 2018 I think you are referring to the feature called Aero Flip 3D. To access it press: CTRL WIndows Logo Key Tab (at the same time). . You can then use the Tab or an arrow key to scroll through the small windows. You can select an item using your mouse (leftclick). Jan 10, 2012 Three Shortcuts for Switching Between Open Windows. It cycles through the icons of open windows on the taskbar. If a window is open and not minimized, displays the window. The taskbar icons of minimized windows are highlighted but the window is not displayed. Hold down the Alt key and tap Esc until the desired window is reached. Then release the Alt key. Cycling through open programs (windows) In Windows press and hold Alt on your keyboard, then press and release Tab (while still holding Alt), this brings up the programs and windows that are currently open on your computer. While continuing to hold Alt, and then pressing and releasing Tab, you will see that you can cycle through the different tasks.

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