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2020-04-03 05:38 Tech support tells me that the drives are written in XFS format but I need to take the data off in Windows format (like NTFS). I don't have a Linux machine. I have searched and my thoughts are to boot one of my windows machines using Knoppix or MEPIS, place the XFS disk into an external enclosure and connect into my machine through a USB port.

Dec 08, 2010 Re: XFS format in Windows. The trial allows you to mount drives, but will not allow file transfers of above 64 KB. The cost is reasonable, however, especially if you need to recover data quickly I believe it is 50 US for a license. xfs file format windows xp Format To Xfs Windows in description. Symbol Selector Business& Productivity Tools WiFiManager is a developer tool that allows you to manage wireless networks and settings in Windows XP SP2SP3 and Vista using one set of Aplus Video Joinver can convert almost all kinds of Video format files such as AVI, Divx, ASF, WMV, WMA

Mar 24, 2010 I have used YAReG to read reiserfs partitions from windows (2003XP). Its not a driver like e2fs tools. It launches a little UI application that allows browsing and copying files from reiserfs partitions into a windows folder. xfs file format windows xp

Jul 22, 2011 Files appear to be backing up to the NAS perfectly well. We added a LaCie External 1TB hard drive to backup the NAS files to and send offsite weekly (rotating the devices). We were unable to backup to the Lacie drive when it was formatted in anything other than XFS format. 2. There are drivers for Ext2, Ext3 file system to access from Windows. If you still have a Linux machine you can save the XFS file to mention file format if possible& use it from Windows. You can find the drivers here. 3. Another option is to buy UFS explorer from here which in your case might not feasible. You will find your problem solved xfs file format windows xp

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