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2020-02-19 11:10 1 Answer 1. To fast forward in the Music app, simply tap and hold down the next track button, and the song will skip forward. Release when you want to resume normal playback. To rewind, do the same with the previous track button. This also works with the playback controls in the Volume Bar that pops up when you press the phone's volume keys.

Nov 03, 2013 Windows Phone& 8. 0 Versions: download this if your carrier doesn't give you the 8. 1 update or you are running on windows phone 7. 8 devices ( windows phone series! , OTHERWISE download from the first link. windows phone music player fast forward Dec 15, 2017 Has anyone figured out shortcuts to fast forwardrewind on Win10 video player? I noticed you can use the leftright arrow key to jump forwardbackward by 30 seconds. The problem I run into is that the controlseek bar then doesnt disappear after you are done seeking unless you go back into full screen view or double click on the screen.

Jun 18, 2014 Music Player fast forward. Tap and hold the Next button (right arrow) and you can fast forward the track. Use the Prev (left arrow) button the same way to rewind. Edit: I'm using the forums via the wpcentral app and didn't scroll up to see the OP already knew about what I suggested. windows phone music player fast forward

May 01, 2014 after adding a bunch of music to my phone, I went to play it and found that there is no way to scroll through a song (by sliding the progress bar or anything). Sometimes I listen to recorded things that i want to fast forward to a certain point, but I can't find a way to do this. It is a simple media player and all it does is plays audio files(not video yet) stored on the phone in the zune library. The Problem Other things are going well but now I am stuck. There seems to be no way to provide a user with a Fast Forward Rewind button. How can the answer be improved? windows phone music player fast forward

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