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2020-02-28 02:26 Solar Industries manufacturers vinyl and aluminum windows, sliding glass doors, skylights, mirrored closet doors and solartubes. We have worked with over 900 General Contractors worldwide and currently supply numerous Home Centers throughout the US.

Solar Industries replacement vinyl windows (posted by Debbie) Subject: RE: Solar Industries replacement vinyl windows: I put them in two apartments about 5 years ago. Now I need to make a claim against the lifetime warranty. Home Depot suggested I do a Google search and see if the company is still in business. So much for always being there. solar industries vinyl windows May 02, 2005 I purchased windows from Home Depot about 5 years ago, they tell me that they could be Solar Industries or Viking windows. I am trying to locate replaced screen retainers, (they are extruded vinyl parts).

Impact 4000 Series Vinyl Window. The ImpactResistant Series 4000 MFG by Krestmark is used primarily as a new construction window with integral nail fin but should not be ruled out as remodel or replacement option in certain applications. The design shows clean trim lines similar to those of much more expensive wood clad windows. solar industries vinyl windows

Jul 27, 2015 Solar Industries White Vinyl Window Discoloration Tucson Arizona. We are being bullied by large companies to give up our attempt to bring these companies to backup their product. Very Dissapointed. It burns me that in one point HD attorney stated: You get what you pay for. . Solar Industries, Inc. Skylights FullService Manufacturer. Our goal is to provide quality skylights to home owners, architects, contractors in the home building industry, and roofing contractors. We strive to give you exceptional service, and competitive pricing. We are proud to have such a stable history and customer service record. solar industries vinyl windows

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