So is windows 8 any good

2020-02-25 08:35 Mar 10, 2013 Answers. Even if you don't like the start screen you can always install a start menu. There are tons of free start menus for Windows 8. So it's a fast and stable OS that you can customize to you needs. I'd say that's pretty good.

Jan 31, 2014 Question Info. I think it's very good, but I liked Windows 8 as well. 8. 1 adds boot to desktop if you want it, better Skydrive integration, and unifies the desktop and Metro sides a little more. For instance, your wallpaper is not visible on the Start Screen, giving a slightly more uniform experience. Basically if you like Windows 8, so is windows 8 any good Sep 20, 2013  So are the Windows Phones any good? this questions has been put before me more than once. Well, I havent tested many Windows Phones. But the ones I tested, I found to be really efficient, swift and stable. However, in the end it depends upon the users choice about what Operating System they like over the other.

8 Reasons To Hate Windows 8. 1. Consider this: One of Windows 8. 1's hot new features is the ability to bypass the Live Tile user interface and boot directly to the traditional Windows desktop. It's a tacit admission by Microsoft that its ambitious goal of creating a unified interface for mobile and desktop devices hasn't exactly gotten a warm embrace from longtime Windows users. so is windows 8 any good

Jul 21, 2015  A tribute to Windows 8: If it hadn't been so bad, Windows 10 wouldn't be so good Windows 8's pioneering features finally get to shine in Windows 10, Mar 01, 2019 Windows 8. 1 like Windows 8 is a pretty solid OS. Contrary to what all the haters say it is a really solid OS. Having said that for non touch screens it offers nothing over Win 7. Win 8 is basically Win 7 with touch features added. If you are happy with Win 7 then Win 8 will not offer you anything new. so is windows 8 any good

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