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2020-03-29 18:20 Apr 08, 2019 Set up a new account in Windows Live Mail to access your Gmail account using POP3. This protocol only downloads new messages from the Gmail inbox at the server, and you can configure the account in Windows Live Mail to remove messages from the server as they're downloaded.

Click on the Forwarding and POPIMAP tab. In the IMAP access section click on the enable IMAP radio button. At one time this was enough, but Google have tightened security, and will block access to less secure clients, , and it considers Windows Live Mail to be a less secure client. To enable access go to account settings. google server settings for windows live mail Step 1: Check that IMAP is turned on. On your computer, open Gmail. In the top right, click Settings. Click Settings. Click the Forwarding and POPIMAP tab. In the IMAP Access section, select Enable IMAP. Click Save Changes.

Select Settings in the top right navigation bar. Go to Labels. Click Remove followed by OK for the [ImapDeleted Items , [ImapDrafts , Junk Email and Sent Items labels. Open your Windows Live Mail folder in Windows. Go to the Gmail (user name) subfolder. Open Notepad. google server settings for windows live mail

Hurrah, your Gmail account is automatically added to Windows Live Mail 2012. In case if you have a problem just check the Manually configure server settings option and click Next. From here you can follow the instructions mentioned by Google. If you have a Gmail account, you can use the Windows Mail tool to send and receive your messages. However, setting up Windows Mail in Windows Vista to work with a Gmail account requires a few extra steps. If you havent attempted to set up the Gmail account in Windows Mail, youll want to start [ 8. The port numbers for outgoing mail server and incoming mail server are 465 and 993 respectively. Done! Now you can sync all your email messages to desktop by hitting the Sync button placed at the right top of the Windows live mail window. google server settings for windows live mail Configure Windows Live Mail For Gmail 1. First login to your Gmail account, go to settings and select the Forwarding and POPIMAP tab. 2. Start the Windows live mail client. If this is the first time you are going to use Windows Live 3. Enter your Gmail account credentials in the respective Dec 22, 2018 To set up Gmail as an IMAP account in Windows Live Mail: Make sure IMAP access is enabled in Gmail. Select Go Mail from the menu in Windows Live Mail. Hold down the Alt key if you cannot see the menu bar. Select Add an email account at the bottom of the list. Type your Gmail address under Email address. Type your Gmail password under Password. Apr 16, 2011 Configure Gmail in Windows Live Mail using POP. If you want to use POP, check Manually configure server settings. Click Next. 4) In the configuration settings windows, enter the details as shown in the below figure. Enter your logon username along with @gmail. com extension in the Logon user name filed. Click Next. Select Accounts and then. Enter your email address and password. Check Manually configure server settings. Choose the server type IMAP and enter the server address imap. mail. com and the port 993. Check Requires a secure connection. Enter the the server address smtp. mail. com for the outgoing server and port 587.

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