Windows xp change computer name without restart

2020-02-20 17:10 Sep 17, 2011 Changing the computer name of a domain member without rebooting. The AD computer account for the new name will already exist, and no other computer will be using that account. The important thing is that the name change needs to occur without forcing a reboot for it to 'take As far as I've been able to tell by browsing through technet and

To change the name, just type a new name in the Computer name: field and click OK. You will then see a dialog box informing you that you must restart the computer for the changes to take place. Click OK again to close the Systems Properties window, then reboot your computer. windows xp change computer name without restart May 01, 2013 You can also change the organization name as well by double clicking on and change the value. 4) Restart your computer to take the effect of the changes. Once your computer restarted, you will notice the registered owner or organization has been changed to the new name under system properties (right click on My Computer

Apr 26, 2013 Windows. I want to write a batch file that I can deploy through our Kaspersky antivirus that will change the computer name with the proper credentials but without restarting the computer. All our employees shut their computers down at the end of the day so then the change would be in effect the next day. windows xp change computer name without restart

Sep 23, 2005 change computer name without reboot posted in Windows XP, 2000, 2003, NT: is there a way to change the computer name with rebooting? this is with win xp pro service pack 2. thanks This is really not a ZENworks issue. The reboot is forced by Windows when the computer name has changed so that its network services will refresh and get the new computer name. It is very easy however to search for and find the current computer name in the registry and manually edit it there. No reboot is required. Be warned, though. windows xp change computer name without restart

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