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2020-02-23 22:52 Interprocess communication is the mechanism provided by the operating system that allows processes to communicate with each other. This communication could involve a process letting another process know that some event has occurred or the transferring of data from one process to another.

Feb 11, 2007 The Messenger Demo. Window events such as onClosing and onLoad are broadcast as messages on the Status channel (displayed in green) and user messages are broadcast on the UserMessage channel (displayed in blue). By checking or unchecking the options, you may toggle which channel messages the window will listen for. interprocess events windows The windows client and service both have been reference by the class library in which the events are declared. The windows client waits at WaitOne() and the service need to raise an Set event so that windows client code can get into the loop.

Dec 17, 2013 How to Port Windows Interprocess Event with AutoResetEvent to Linux My current Windows code uses a named event for interprocess communication. There can be many processes waiting on the event, when it's signaled, all the waiting processes are released and then the event returns to a nonsignaled state. interprocess events windows

Sep 14, 2015 Named Pipes. Named pipes in Windows is a duplex means of sending data between Windows hosts. We used it in the WCF implementation, shown earlier, but. NET has its own builtin support for named pipes communication. Interprocess Synchronization. Multiple processes can have handles to the same event, mutex, semaphore, or timer object, so these objects can be used to accomplish interprocess synchronization. The process that creates an object can use the handle returned by the creation function (CreateEvent, CreateMutex, CreateSemaphore, or interprocess events windows

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