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2020-02-21 16:05 Nov 10, 2015 All replies. While I am connected remotely, I need to switch users (logoff and login with another user). Although this was working fine with Windows XP, in Windows 7 as soon as I logoff, UltraVNC is disconnected. In order to login with a different user, I should go on the machine, login and then use UltraVNC again for remote connection.

Logging off or disconnecting a session. Click Start, click Settings, click the user name (topright corner), and then click Sign out. The session ends and the station is available for log on by any user. Click Start, click Settings, click Power, and then click Disconnect. Your session is disconnected and your session is preserved in computer memory. windows 7 remote desktop disconnect log off Hotfix Download Available. Assume that you try to reconnect to a computer that is running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 by using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). A disconnection occurs during the reconnection process. In this situation, a stale session is left in a disconnected loggedon state.

Oct 16, 2009 Then Disconnect and the next morning come back to my work computer and continue right were I left off. But in Windows 7 when ever I disconnect from a Remote Desktop It logs me off closing all my open programs. windows 7 remote desktop disconnect log off

Apr 10, 2014 I have a couple of users that have Windows 7 Pro boxes, and when they remote into the machines, then disconnect, not log off. I know I'm one of the users. The machine will within five minutes close all of the programs and files we have open. Stop log off when disconnected from RDP session. Ask Question 14. 4. So your installation must have been customized for it to be logging off disconnected RDP sessions. Drill down to Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Remote Desktop Services Remote Desktop Session Host Session Time Limits. Select the other user's session and rightclick, then choose Disconnect or Logoff (or, you can select the session and use the buttons at the bottom to do either of these. ) If it is a disconnected session, you can also select it, rightclick, and use Connect this will switch you into that session instead of windows 7 remote desktop disconnect log off I'm using Windows' Remote Desktop to connect from a Windows 7 machine to a Windows XP one. Many times, I just hit 'X' on the window without logging off when I'm finished using it, and subsequent users on the remote machine can't login because I'm still logged in to the Administrator account (user switching is disabled and must stay that way). Dec 01, 2010 Windows 7 is a single user based version of Windows. Remote Desktop will always logoff the user on that PC so as to redirect the Window screens to the remote PC. Once the remote session is done, the host Windows PC does not know what to do next and will not automatically log the monitor user back on. How to log off RDP Sessions that are Disconnected Windows 7 So the issue I have is that some Users will close the RDP window and not actually click Log Off Jul 22, 2004  the office and log myself out. There is no ShutdownLogoff in my start menu, there is only athedisconnect. How do I solve this issue? On the remote deskop, go to StartSettingswindows security and click Log Off. This will log you off and of course disconnect

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