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2020-02-25 12:02 Aug 30, 2001 Hi. I'm trying to get Petz 4 (PF Magic) to run without freezing in Windows 2000. The program's support people will not address any 2000 issues, as they will only deal with Win 95 or 98 issues. I tryed downloading the latest compatiblilty patch, no change (the program is not listed as one that Microsoft addressed in any of their patches).

PetzA does not support nonEnglish versions of Petz 5 or Petz 4. Allowing PetzA to autoupdate these versions during install will stop them from working. To repair them, you can restore the backup that PetzA makes of the Petz exe. View a tutorial here. Already convinced? Head over to the download page. petz 4 patch windows 7 Feb 09, 2008 If anybody plays petz 4 on a computer that is running Xp or Vista, the game will freeze soon after it starts up. the way to fix it is to go to Petz 4 Download Patch and click on the patch you want. (There are two, but either works) A window will pop up and ask you if you want to open or save. Click Open NOT Save.

How to get Petz 4 on your computer (Even Vista) Jul. 6th, 2009 at 11: 39 PM; . . install the 4. 2 patch and you get the full game. Petz 3 petz will work in Petz 4 and Petz 4 petz will work in Petz 3. HOWEVER, if you put a Petz 3 pet or a Petz 4 pet into Petz 5, Petz 5 will modify the file and the pet will no longer work in either Petz 3 or petz 4 patch windows 7

Petz 5 Full Version is a plugin for Windows Media Player. The games outdated graphics wont really distract. Petz Player 4 4. 96MB Be sure to download and install the Player prior to playing the demos. Petz Patch 4. 2 3. 6MB Release Notes. . Petz 4 1. Especially if you download 'Petz A' (it's a must with this game so google it). There seems to be a conflict between Windows 2000 using DirectX 9. 0b or Windows XP running service pack 2, and Petz 5. There is a file that gets installed into the Petz folder called 'setupapi. dll' that appears to be causing a conflict with other newer system files installed with the latest Windows service packs. Sep 04, 2008 I love to hex, but for whatever reason PWS (Petz Workshop) claims the breedfiles are corrupt, and I need PA credits! Never fear, just right click on the PWS icon and tell it to Run As Administrator . This solves a number of unrelated issues with Vista, actually. I just got a new computer with Windows 7, and the demo of Petz 4 isn't working! petz 4 patch windows 7 Sep 18, 2015 I don't know if this will help or not but it might. I have Windows 8 and I installed it in Program Files (x86), automatic folder it went to, and Petz hasn't given me any issues. Windows 7 was a bit of a task as it didn't want to recognize my Petz game when I was installing PetzA. Jul 20, 2009 Petz 4 won't run on my Windows Vista p. c. I have Windows Vista 64 gbit. I have read that I can download and run the petz4. 2 patch, and this will allow the game to run on my computer. Vista 32bit for Windows 7 32bit and Vista 64bit for Windows 7 64bit. Links to the patchdrivers and installing in the compatibility mode can be found at Jul 30, 2014  Hi! I have installed Dogz 4 on three different computers. Two with Windows 10, one on Windows 7. The game installs and works fine at the original page where you can select and adopt 2 dogs, but as soon as I click adopt, it gives me the adoption certificate, then crashes. Petz Patch 4. 2 3. 6MB Release Notes This patch upgrades Catz 4 and Dogz 4 for PC to version 4. 2. To install the patch, download the appropriate file to your system, and then run it to install the patch. Details: For Windows 2000XP. Fixes a crash bug enabling Catz 4 and Dogz 4 to run. Only for the English versions of Catz 4 and Dogz 4.

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