Windows 8 reset drive is locked

2020-02-22 19:22 Jun 22, 2014  Have decided to take the plunge to reset my computer (because Windows Store would not open). Booted from the installation disk but cannot Reset or Refresh, I get The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again. Never used Bitlocker and

Jan 28, 2016 Question. Running W8 on a machine with motherboard RAID 5 (five drives, Intel z68 SATA controllers) with an SSD cache. Machine has run fine for about 6 months. While running, froze up. Rebooted but got Automatic Repair, which did not work. Neither Reset nor Refresh will work, as they report drive is locked. windows 8 reset drive is locked Get the fix to the The drive where Windows is installed is locked error that appears on Windows 8, Windows 8. 1 or Windows 10 systems. About The drive where

How to unlock a Hard Drive and Refresh PC. The windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again. Follow these steps Browse other questions tagged windows8 harddrive systemrestore windows8refresh or ask your own question windows 8 reset drive is locked

Mar 23, 2018 When I click Troubleshoot, I get refresh, reset, or advanced options. When I try to click refresh it says the hard drive is locked. When I tried to do an Automatic Repair under Advanced options it says Automatic Repair could not repair your pc. When I try a Rese tI get the message, Unable to reset your PC, a required drive partition is missing. Tutorial for Unlocking Windows 810 Password with UUkeys Step 1: Download and Install UUkeys Windows Password Mate. Step 2: Make Password Reset Disk Using CDDVD or USB Flash Drive. Step 3: Reboot Locked Computer and Change Boot Order. Step 4: UnlockRemove Login Password of Selected Account. Nov 22, 2013 I can't refresh or restore because it reports that the Windows drive is locked and I need to, but cannot, select the Windows 8. 1. installation. I tried booting to the Windows 8. 1 installation DVD. It booted instead to the Windows desktop. I created a system restore point, having discovered that system restore had not been enabled. windows 8 reset drive is locked Jun 07, 2014 There are several ways to get back into your Windows 8 PC if you've locked yourself out. you can create a password reset disk using a USB flash drive via the User Account settings in the May 24, 2015 If you are just getting started loading windows 8. 1 from a cd and everything is locked. go to your system bios and tell it to boot from your cd drive only Boot your computer, do a repair and then turn your hard drive back on.

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