Iis 6.1 windows authentication not working

2020-02-16 19:18 Oct 31, 2013 Have a try on below ideas. 1)try by giving the username with domain. 2)Is Ur hosted server and the accessing system are in domain? 3)check the web. config file, where any deny for forms or authentication for such user?

I've run into this issue on various Windows Servers: When logged into the server, IIS Windows authentication through a browser does not work for either Windows Auth or Basic Auth. I have several sites set up with Windows authentication, and when I try to access them from the server I cannot log in. iis 6.1 windows authentication not working Integrated Windows Authentication in IIS 6. 0 is the most secure option, as it uses hashing technology to prevent sending clear text usernames and passwords over the internet. Many web browsers do not support this however, so if your admin site is accessed by clients using browsers other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, Basic Authentication

Dec 13, 2012  Along with Windows Authentication, I enabled Basic Authentication and now I'm getting promted for AD username and password. I removed all the providers from Windows Authentication and Extended Protection is disabled as this folder is not an application. It is working iis 6.1 windows authentication not working

I have an application running on IIS 6. 1 with. NET framework 2. At IIS's Authentication, I had disabled Anonymous Authentication and enabled Windows Authentication (with NTLM on top). Because this application is for internal use only and the authentication will be based on user's NT account from AD. My WCF sercive is hosted on a Windows 2003 Server through IIS. I hvae installed a certificate on the server. The directory security for my virtual directory requires SSL (128 bit encryption not required), ignores certificates and uses 'Integrated Windows Authentication' Here is my web. config It seems like you might not have set up http. sys with The machine is running Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, IIS 7. 5. The site has been tested successfully, using both IIS and the VS Web Development Server. The IIS site config has all authentication methods disabled except Windows Authentication. The local machine is not iis 6.1 windows authentication not working Windows Auth in IIS does not work when browsing to the website on the server running IIS using a URL with an A record pointing to the IIS server. Ask Question 1. 1. I have a website that runs on IIS that uses windows authentication. Jan 05, 2011 I also perused most of the resources you suggested and in the realm of windows (IIS) authentication, there simply doesn't seem to be much anywhere (I'd stumbled onto much of this via google in previous search efforts) and have not found a detailed description of how the authentication mechanisms work or how to troubleshoot them only how to

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