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2020-02-21 01:25 Personalizing Lock screen in Windows 8, 8. 1 and 10. In Windows 8 and 8. 1, use keyboard shortcut Windows KeyI to open Settings charm, or move mouse pointer to the bottom right edge of screen and click Settings. Click Change PC settings in the bottom part of the bar.

Microsoft recently release the November 2012 Cumulative Update for Windows that enables you to configure the default lock screen image for Windows 8 (See quote below). Enable enterprise customers to customize the default lock screen. You may have thought that this image was customisable by the users in the control panel already however this would only configure the image windows 8 security policy lock screen Apr 28, 2017 Enable or Disable Lock Screen in Windows 10 Page 1 of 30 1 2 3 11 Last. Jump to page: To Disable Lock Screen using Security Policy Rule Note. This option will not disable the lock screen at startup. It will disable the lock screen when a user locks the computer,

May 14, 2014 Hi Hemanth, Try creating personalization folder inside windows folder and check. Refer this screenshots: On the righthand side, leftclick on an empty space and choose New String Value. Name the new value LockScreenImage. Doubleclick on this value and paste the path to the image in the Value data field. . Click OK to save the setting and close the Editor. windows 8 security policy lock screen

Mar 03, 2016 Hello, I am trying to create a GP to enforce a screen lock timeout for my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit clients (but not necessarily a screensaver) that belong to a Windows 2003 Server 32 bit domain. I have attempted the following from both a Windows 2003 Server and also from a Windows 2007 Pro 64 bit Thanks for all the replies. I will continue this when Windows 8 Lock Screen If you work in an office then you are likely to press WinKey L to stop coworkers fooling about with your settings or spying on your documents. The Windows 8 Lock screen can display Metrostyle apps such as Calendar or Email so that you can see any updates with out unlocking the screen. Jun 14, 2012 Getting to the Local Group Policy Editor in Windows 8 is pretty easy. Just press [WindowsR to bring up the run dialog box. Then, type gpedit. msc in the Open text box and click OK. In a moment, the Local Group Policy Editor window will appear on the screen (Figure B), just like it did in Windows 7 and earlier Windows versions. windows 8 security policy lock screen Apr 18, 2017 Gudie: How to Disable Lock Screen on Windows 88. 1 with Policy Editor. 1) After opening the Local Group Policy Editor, go to Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Control Panel Personalization. 2) Go to Do Not Display the Lock Screen and choose Enabled from dialog which pops up and click Ok . If you dont want to see those lock screen ads, youll want to disable Windows Spotlight. If youd rather use a custom background, head to Settings Personalization Lock Screen. Click the Background box and select Windows Spotlight, Picture, or Slideshow.

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