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2020-02-27 13:07 Nov 07, 2017  If you try to register MSCOMCTL. OCX (which is 32 bit) on a 64 bit system and you put it in the typical C: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder you will get: THE MODULE MSCOMTRL. OCX WAS LOADED BUT THE CALL TO DLLREGISTERSERVER FAILED WITH ERROR CODE 0X C. If you are using 64 bit Windows copy the MSCOMCTL. OCX to C: \WINDOWS\SYSWOW64.

Apr 17, 2018 You can use the Microsoft Register Server (Regsvr32. exe) to register a 32 bit. ocx file manually on a 32bit operating system. In Visual FoxPro 3. 0 and 3. 0b, Regsvr32. exe is located in the \Vfp\Samples\Ole directory, and in Visual FoxPro 5. 0, Regsvr32. exe is located in the \Vfp directory. register mscomct2.ocx windows vista Jan 25, 2010 Answers. You need to copy the MSCOMCT2. OCX file to c: \windows\sysWOW64 not c: \windows\system32. You then can register it by running from the command prompt or run in the start menu regsvr32 and it should register although make sure that you run regsvr32 with administrator privileges. How to run

Mar 19, 2013  This Video Shows How to Register MSCOMM32. OCX ON Windows Operating System Download: Note: Run register mscomct2.ocx windows vista

Apr 14, 2019 Hi KenFran, The mscomct2. ocx file is a process that belongs to the Windows ActiveX program and is a control module that contains common controls used by Windows. Try using the SFC scan which replacerepair missingcorrupted system files. MSCOMCT2. OCX is a type of OCX file associated with Drivers and Utilities Dell OptiPlex ResourceCD developed by Dell for the Windows Operating System. The latest known version of MSCOMCT2. OCX is. 0, which was produced for Windows. This OCX file carries a popularity rating of 2 stars and a security rating of UNKNOWN . Nov 01, 2007  Louverril, As the document Support Statement for Visual Basic 6. 0 on Windows Vista described, mscomct2. ocx and VB 6 is supported on Vista. You can use the control properly in the privilege user account on necessary. Since the operating system is Windows XP, you can consider to use RegSvr32. exe to register the ocx in the system registry to register the control in the operating register mscomct2.ocx windows vista In versions of Windows prior to Vista, or with User Account Control (UAC) turned off in Windows Vista, 7, or 8, ActiveX files (such as. dll or. ocx) can be registered by doubleclicking on the filename in Windows Explorer ( File Explorer in Windows 8). Jun 03, 2009 Adam, Any file in a given user's Sys32 directory may not be present on your machine that folder is a dynamic driver store, and will be very different from one Windows environment to the next. ed, Can you share with us why you're trying to register MSCOMCT2. OCX? To the best of my knowledge, it was used for Visual Basic prior to. NET, and it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft had removed Nov 13, 2007 Module failed to register. HRESULT. Contact your support personnel. I had written my source code in VB. Net. My msi package is installed properly, if im running my system with Admin privileges. However it is not working if dont have admin privileges. How to solve this issue? experts plz help. Oct 16, 2013  First check MSCOMCT2. OCX file on the given location. If the file exists then try to register MSCOMCT2. OCX with following command. Open Start menu and select Run. Type CMD and press Enter (if you use Windows ME, type COMMAND). Change default directory to OCX directory using CD C: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Type regsvr32 MSCOMCT2. OCX and press Enter.

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