Remote shutdown access denied windows 8

2020-02-21 02:22 in order to use remote shutdown in windows 7: First go to the computer that you want to shutdown and create user with the same namepassword of the user you use to shutdown the computer. Then add the user to the Administrators group. Then go to Control panelAdministrative toolsLocal Security policies. Then click on local policies.

Mar 04, 2019 I've enabled remote registry but still no access for remote shutdown. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. remote shutdown access denied windows 8 Dec 10, 2013 Enabling Windows 8 Remote Shutdown from command. I am using this solution on a home Workgroup network. Solution works for shutdown. exe and psshutdown. exe. It should fix similar problem with Windows 7. The problem is access is denied when attempting a remote shutdown using the interactive mode or the following command:

Apr 18, 2012 Remote shutdown Access Denied (5) I know this has been asked about a lot, but I've searched for a solution to my problem for a while know and I can; t get it to work. I have an asministrator account on both computers with the same password. remote shutdown access denied windows 8

Jul 20, 2017 Original Title: Windows 8 will not shut down or restart the computer when a process cannot be terminated. This has happened to me multiple times throughout the month. I cannot end certain processes through the task manager OR the Command prompt. They both give me the same error: Access is Denied. May 17, 2016 Windows 10 PC shut down or restart remotely over Remote Desktop Connection. Remote shutdown or restart Windows 10 via RDP. Please, answer the questions hover over to the upper right side of Obviously, im improvising. the timer is on a netbook and i want client to use the server pc on a different windows 8. 1 account (nonadmin). Anyways, just focus on the above windows8. 1 remoteaccess remoteshutdown remote shutdown access denied windows 8 Aug 23, 2013  After installing Wake On Lan I could not get my Windows 8 PC's to shutdown using the Wake On Lan shutdown function. In the Wake On Lan settings I had used the following command: shutdown. exe s m \COMPUTERNAME t 00 If I ran the command from a command prompt I would get the message: COMPUTERNAME: Access is denied. (5) I found that the following settings will correct How to shutdown a remote computer in windows 8? I had tried certain commands like psshutdown, shutdown. exe etc. Everytime i am getting a message called Access denied(5) . Help me out. I have two PC with Windows 8 with the same account name, same group, and with no password to manage them. Windows 8 remote shutdown. Ask Question 0. 0. I have two PC with Windows 8 with the same account name, same group, and with no password to manage them. yes I setted on Windows the way to access via RDP session with no password but This article will show you how to use the remote shutdown command tool in Windows to remotely shutdown or restart a local or networked computer. This can be very useful sometimes if you have multiple computers at home or on your network that you want to quickly shutdown or restart.

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