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2020-02-18 09:49 The copyright of this software belongs to Shenzhen Houtian Network Communication Co. Ltd, it is only used for the clients who use our VAP11G or order our customized VAP11G, except this, any actions of revise, use, produce, sell, transmit and copy this software belong to delict, our company reserves the power to prosecute. Features: 1.

vap11g driver windows 8 manufacturers and vap11g driver windows 8 suppliers Directory Find vap11g driver windows 8 Manufacturers, Exporters and vap11g driver windows 8 vap11g windows 8 Description. Vonets VAP11G WiFi Bridge allows a WiFi connection in devices that only have RJ45 network port. Its simple setup, in 2 minutes. Need feeding between 5V and 15V obtainable USB port or external power supply.

Feb 04, 2017 como configurar o vonets vap11g com o windows 10 rodando o winpcap em off pelo dosshell como administrador. vap11g windows 8

To configure it you need to install the VAP11G Setup software that came with the adapter. This software also uses WinPCap to make a bridge with the adapter in Windows and allow you to configure it. Windows 8 (64 bits) Require: VONETs VAP11G WiFi Bridge Configured Tool (5. 62 MB) VONETS WiFi Bridge VAP11G 64bit Windows problem Ive recently bought VONETS WiFi Bridge VAP11G. It lets you connect LAN device (i. e. printer with LAN port) through wifi VAP11G both orange& blue lights onflashing occasionally, which is what I'd expect still not sure what to see re local IP address, ie is it passthrough from host Wifi network DHCP or a little local subnet between client laptop& VAP11G vap11g windows 8

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