Blank startup screen windows 7

2020-02-19 10:20 Jul 07, 2012 whenever i start my computer i get a black screen after it says starting windows! its when its supposed to show the login page but it goes black and stays black no mouse cursor or nothing i cant do anything not even ctrlaltdel works! ! ive tried several work arounds and so called fixes from this forum and the only one that works is if i start the computer in safe mode then i login to windows

Feb 04, 2019  How to fix black screen problem on Windows 10 Using a clean boot allows you to instruct Windows 10 to start only with a minimal set of services, drivers, and apps, which can help you to blank startup screen windows 7 Dec 25, 2018  Blank Screen on Startup. 2) Restart the computer. 3) Keep pressing the F8 key until the Windows Startup menu appears. 4) Choose Enable Lowresolution video ( ) option, and press Enter. 5) Then install the right display card driver compatible with Windows 7 in Windows

Feb 11, 2011 Windows 7: Blank screen on boot up, before login screen; slow startup. After the Starting Windows screen a blank black screen with a cursor that I can move pops up that lasts a minute (shouldn't happen with SSD, used to be 10 second boot). Afterwards the login screen will appear as normal and everything works as normal. blank startup screen windows 7

How can the answer be improved? Dec 29, 2013 10. If after booting as in step 7 above, shutdown and restart will produce the same blank screen during startup. I am wondering if this could be a powersupply problem or or perhaps something corrupted on the startup boot sector of the Cdrive. Feb 17, 2019 I have Acer aspire 5738pzg. . windows 7 ultimate (not genuine)( well I think that's the problem here). . so! ! When I press the power button, there's the sound of HDD (maybe it's HDD, not sure). . Only a sound for few secs. . no dot on a screen, not even a cursor, not even a Acer logo (which generally used to come during startup). . not even a boot menu. . blank startup screen windows 7 Jan 14, 2015 Windows 7, 8, 10 Black Screen With Cursor at Startup FIX Black Screen With Cursor at Startup Windows 7 Windows 8 windows 10 Boot the windows 7 or windows 8 windows 10 system to the blank black Jan 25, 2019  For the steps to sign in to Windows using safe mode, see the From a black or blank screen section of the Start your PC in safe mode in Windows 10 page. Once your device is in safe mode, s elect the Start button, and then select Settings System Apps& features. Select Sort by name, and change it to Sort by install date.

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