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2020-02-18 09:51 Nov 11, 2017  I installedupgraded to windows 10 for the first time. UGH! . I noticed when I was installing it got to a point asking if I wanted to install a Microsoft account for logging in. I didn't so I clicked the skip option. However, it next asked me to create a Local Account

Apr 11, 2015 With Windows 8. 1 x64 Enterprise (YMMV) At the Sign in to your Microsoft account screen. Select Create a new account at the bottom left then select Sign in without a Microsoft account at the bottom. installing windows 8.1 without microsoft account Oct 17, 2013 Aka, a local account like in Windows 8. Since Microsoft are making it difficult for the user, I decided to make this tutorial on how to use Windows 8. 1 without a Microsoft Account. Have fun with

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How to Setup Windows 8. 1 without Microsoft Account. There is no option to setup a local account during the installation. Microsoft account is now the preferred signin type since Windows 8. However, if you insist on using a local account, youve come into the right place. In this tutorial well walk you through the steps to setup install Windows 8. 1 without a Microsoft account. Apr 14, 2014 Ok, yes I'm going to download a free app, but the problem is, microsoft asks me to switch my Local User with Microsoft account, that means I'll have to use microsoft account login to login to my PC which I dont want. Is there a way to bipass this? I want to use my local user account, not the microsoft account. Oct 18, 2013  Replies (1). At the signin step, click Create a new account and then click Sign in without a Microsoft account. This creates a new local user account. I would suggest you to see the following links on how to install Windows 8. 1. Install, upgrade, & activate. installing windows 8.1 without microsoft account Windows 8. 1 Preview How to install without Microsoft account (skip Microsoft account) The option to create a local account will be made available at the final release of Windows 8. 1. So according to this you cant install it and bypass Microsoft account and additionally, there is no option to skip connecting it to Microsoft account and creating a local account instead. However, there is a way to Aug 30, 2016 Installing Windows 8. 1 Without Microsoft Account. Step 4: Here, enter your Microsoft account password and then click Next button. Step 5: In the following screen, enter a user name for your local account, a password to protect your account, reenter the password, and password a hint before clicking the Next button.

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