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2020-02-29 09:20 Hey new Linux users, you may be wondering that which Linux distro to choose after seeing so many distros based on Linux. Most of you might be switching from windows to Linux and want those distros which are easy and simple, resemble like windows. So today I will cover those Linux distros whose

Best Linux distributions that look like Windows While many long time Linux users scorn at the idea of a Linux distribution imitating Windows looks. But making the switch from Windows to Linux is not always easy for everyone. what linux distro looks like windows Jul 08, 2017  You can choose to make Chalet OS look a bit more like Windows 10 all while keeping everything the same, or you can make it look more like Windows XP. Its all up to you! Q4OS. Q4OS is a distro that targets new users used to Windows XP. It offers a familiar look and feel for those used to Windows XP and makes sure your computer stays up to date.

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Apr 30, 2016  By default, Zorin OS is meant to look like Windows 7, but you have other options in the look changer which are the Windows XP style and Gnome 2. Better yet, Zorin comes with Wine (which is an emulator that allows you to run win32 apps in Linux) preinstalled and many other applications that youll need for basic tasks. Check out Zorin OS in what linux distro looks like windows

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