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2020-02-28 01:47 Re: Server 2019 ReFS Deduplication Experiences Post by DonZoomik Tue Feb 19, 2019 8: 07 am 1 person likes this post As I mentioned in the other thread, the issue has been resolved by support it's confirmed in lab to be slow and as it's handled by refs. sys, there is nothing Veeam can do about it.

Jul 09, 2018 Next, we need to install the deduplication feature as seen in the image below. Once installed you can use Server Manager to configure it on your Volume. In this example, I have added an E: drive and formatted it using ReFS. To enable deduplication on the ReFS volume you simply need to rightclick on the volume and click Configure Data Deduplication. veeam 7 windows 2019 deduplication Jan 13, 2016 Now on the new Windows Server 2019 (ReFS) we only get: 50 Since Microsoft changed the File Size Limit to 4 TB at Server 2016 for deduping files, we now always have round about 500 1, 1TB per full backup left which are not deduped.

Apr 22, 2015 b) If size of VMs does not allow splitting, try to avoid Windows deduplicated volumes usage and transfer backup files to another repository without MS Windows deduplication enabled. More Information Best practices for MS deduplicated volumes as backup repository: veeam 7 windows 2019 deduplication

Veeam Software is a privately held information technology company that develops backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management software for VMware and HyperV virtual environments. The company focuses on products that increase the resistance of virtualized workloads, reduce downtime, and ensure the system availability required by servicelevel agreements. I've got 64TB in storage spaces mirror raid, with windows deduplication, and it's awesome. I have it split into 4 RAID 10 arrays netting 8TB, each cranking out over 250MBps of consistent throughput. I put veeam datastores on top of the arrays and it works great. 4 years in production now. veeam 7 windows 2019 deduplication

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