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2020-02-29 08:55 Mar 27, 2017  Make Google Chrome The Default Browser In Windows 7 Using Group Policy This article will show you how to set Google Chrome browser as the default browser using group Policy on Windows 7. If you are running Windows 10, Please see the

Jan 03, 2013  In order to make a browser the default browser when it does not appear in the choices in the default programs in Windows 10 settings, there is a solution. In the Settings, in the Application window setting, clic Default Application on the left, and in the list on the right, find and clic: Default registry key default browser windows 7 DefaultBrowser, an utility which I wrote allows you set the default web browser for your user profile in Windows XP, without affecting other users in the v1. 7 (and higher) supports Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition. Here is how to set Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition as the default browser for your user profile in Windows XP.

Feb 25, 2015 I have Win 7 with IE 10 installed. When I set FF or Chrome to be my default browser I find that it updates the value of \\HKCR\. htm, \\HKCR\. html and \\HKCR\http keys in the registry. However when I set IE to be my default browser (either using IE Internet Options or Control Panel Default Programs) these values are not updated. registry key default browser windows 7

Apr 15, 2019 You will find Default apps in the registry location: . For further assistance regarding Registry key and folder changes, get in touch with TechNet forums. IT Professionals on TechNet Forums are well equipped to assist you better on registry issues. TechNet forum link: Registry Browser is a forensic software application. Its designed specifically for examining the Windows Registry. . Users of Registry Browser are typically in the computer forensics or incidence response industry or anyone with a strong interest in Windows Registry Forensics. Sep 21, 2016  The registry keys in HKEYCURRENTUSER take priority over the keys defined in HKEYLOCALMACHINE. This applies to all versions of windows from XP to Windows 10. As far as HTTP and HTTPS these are not file extensions, and generally cannot be managed separately. The browser that you set as your default will handle both HTTP and HTTPS registry key default browser windows 7 Jul 21, 2016 In reply to: Can't make Firefox default browser In Windows 7, Internet Explorer is set as the 'default' browser naturally! So what you are trying to do is replace its settings with Firefox's. It's been answered in various ways over the web and here; here's one question which covers it; Windows RegKey Default Browser Application Path. Then it's just checking if the path is the iexplore. exe path. Update: I just checked what the key is that is modified when you deselect and reselect the check default browser option. keys (and may be a few more) to point to the appropriate browser. However when I set IE to be the default browser none of these keys are updated. I have a program that intends to open html files using the default browser. However this fails when IE is the default browser because the program checks for first two keys mentioned above. Jun 14, 2017  Is there any way for changing internet explorer home page with reg key? I have changed the Regkey in Internet explorer home page for all users registry Windows 10

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