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2020-02-20 18:33 The first printer you install on Windows 7 automatically becomes the default printer (since it is the only one), and the only case in which you have no default printer configured is when no printers or print drivers are installed or available to your PC. This tutorial explains how to set or change your default printer in Windows 7.

Yes but with Windows 7 its little smarter. Now Windows 7 allows you to configure a different default printer with a different location on a 1: 1 basis. Go to Control Panel. Select Devices and Printers. In the printer section first select any of the already listed printer. Now you will see menu item Manage Default Printer listed, click on that. manage default printer settings windows 7 Oct 23, 2014 I have Windows 7 Pro preinstalled by Dell purchased within last 6 months. I have them default to a departmental printer with is HP network. I do not have menu choice in toolbar Manage default printers even when a printer is installed and selected. I've played with every context sensitive option I could find and nothing allows me to set the default printer, which is a network printer, and

Nov 25, 2015 Manage Default Printers in Windows 10. Select the Printers& Scanners tab then scroll down. Toggle off the setting When turned on, the default printer is the last printer used. If you want more granular options for managing your printer, from within the same interface, you can launch the legacy Devices and Printers explorer from manage default printer settings windows 7

Sep 16, 2013  Daily Windows 8 Tips Automatically Switch Printers Based On Network Todays tip is about a handy feature that comes with Windows 7 and Windows 8 (Premium and Enterprise versions) that lets your computer automatically switch to the correct printers whenever youre connected to a particular network. When I open up Devices and Printers from Control Panel, I see a list of printers installed on my Windows 10 computer but dont see an icon that indicates which one is the default printer, like we normally see on a Windows 7 computer. Why is that? How does Windows 10 know which printer Print& Share is your default printer in Windows 10 and for a special case you need to manually select your printer to a different printer driver. With this setting turned on, your default printer in Windows will not be Print& Share anymore but the last used printer. manage default printer settings windows 7 How to set default printer as default on Windows 10. After disabling the Let Windows manage my default printer feature, youll probably need to set the printer you want as the new and only default. Open Settings. Click on Devices. Click on Printers& scanners. Click the Devices and printers link. Cannot see Manage Default Printers in Windows 7 Enterprise. Try this for Windows 7: Click once on a printer (any printer in your setup). That brings up a submenu. Does the feature you want appear in the submenu? You can only have one default printer and I normally do that at the printer itself. Jul 04, 2016 Take your laptop back to the home office, and when it connects it will flip back to the last printer used there. Or if you want to just keep one default and let the user figure it out if that one isn't available from Starbucks or whatever, just turn off the automanage feature and it will work the regular way ( Windows 7 way ). Mar 11, 2011  But Windows 7 sometimes (may be together with its users) thwart your plans. Since there is a configuration dialog in the start menu called Devices and Printers from where you can manage default printers every user can manually select which printer to set as default in a certain network.

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