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2020-04-03 11:41 2 Answers. The size of hiberfil. sys is 6 GB on my system with 8 GB of RAM. This is the default size chosen by Windows, I haven't changed it. The hibernation file has always the size of your RAM, because the whole RAM is stored there upon hibernation. The only think you can do is to disable hibernation if you do not use it and

How To Disable Hibernation or Delete the hiberfil. sys In Windows 8. Go to Start Menu and type cmd right click Run as Administrator (on the bottom of the menu) Type powercfg h off. Press enter and there you go. Youve now disabled hibernation in Windows 8 as well as gained some valuable disk space in your main partition drive. hiberfil.sys windows 8 disable Jan 21, 2017  Replies (4). The default size of hiberfil. sys varies depending on the amount of RAM installed on your PC. Hibernate mode uses the hiberfil. sys file to store the current state (memory) of the PC. You may disable the Hibernate mode by doing steps below: Click Start, and type cmd. Rightclick cmd, and then click Run as administrator.

Delete hiberfil. sys by disabling Windows Hibernate function Hiberfil. sys and Windows Hibernate function. Disabling Windows Hibernation. As I noted earlier, you can manually delete hiberfil. sys, Reenabling Windows Hibernate. To turn the Hibernate function back on, And the TechRepublic swag hiberfil.sys windows 8 disable

Dec 03, 2015 10) To delete the hiberfil. sys on Windows 10 or Windows 8. 1, simply disable the Hibernate by entering powercfg h off in elevated command prompt and restart the computer. When it gets disabled and PC gets restarted, the hiberfil. sys will be deleted automatically with the reboot. Disable Hibernate. Windows 8 introduced a new feature called Fast Startup that is enabled by default in Windows 8. Fast Startup is a hybrid of traditional cold boot and resuming from hibernate. When you shut down Windows 8, the OS closes the user sessions, but instead of closing the kernel session, it But for Windows 8, deleting the hiberfil. sys file is a big NO. Just have a look at the picture below. Its actually a survey on startup comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS running in 30 computers and what the survey revealed is that Windows 8 starts at a quite faster rate than Windows 7. hiberfil.sys windows 8 disable Oct 02, 2018  This article describes how to disable and then reenable hibernation on a computer that is running Windows. Warning You may lose data if you make hibernation unavailable and a power loss occurs while the hybrid sleep setting is turned on. When Nov 14, 2014 Disabling Hibernation and Deleting Hiberfil. sys. To disable the Hibernation feature in Windows and delete the hiberfil. sys file in the process, do this: 1. Open an elevated command prompt. 2. Type powercfg h off, then press Enter. You'll notice hiberfil. sys is gone and the option to Hibernate is no longer present as a Shutdown option. Jul 03, 2017  How much depends on the amount of memory installed in your PC. In our example, the hiberfil. sys file is using a whopping 13 GB of disk space. Disable Hibernate Mode in Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista. The technique for disabling hibernate mode is pretty much the same in Windows 10, 8 powercfg h off. This will disable hibernation and will remove the hiberfil. sys file from your system. Turn Off Hibernation in Windows 7810. To disable hibernation in Windows, you have to go into Power Options and click on Change plan settings. You can click on Start and type in power options to open this window. . Then click on the Change advanced power settings link at the bottom.

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