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2020-02-21 14:54 This may have been asked before, but not for Windows 8. How do you create the factory restore media for a Dell Laptop (a Dell XPS 15 in my case) before I go and do something stupid with it.

Oct 26, 2013 'Resetting' your PC is a great method for getting your PC ready for sale or donation, it removes your data and resets Windows to its factory defaults. Please be warned though, it may be possible for data recovery in some instances, if you have any highly confidential files, make sure they are wiped using a file shredder prior to executing this factory recovery dell windows 8 Nov 14, 2015 Dell Backup and Recovery Factory Recovery Disk I recently upgraded my Dell Inspiron 15R Core i7 from Windows 8. 1 to Windows 10 (which I like very much better than 8. 1 by the way) and Dell Backup and Recovery keeps reminding me that I need to make a new Factory Recovery Disk.

Part 2: Reset Windows 88. 1 Dell laptop to factory settings without administrator password. Press and hold the Shift key while clicking Restart. Step 2: When your Dell laptop boots up into Windows 8, you can get three options at the start screen: Continue to your desktop, Troubleshoot, and Turn off your PC. Select Troubleshoot option to bring up the next screen. factory recovery dell windows 8

Dell factory recovery, reinstall and install of Windows 10 From Login. If you can get to login screen you can do the following to recover the factory install of Windows 10. Press and hold the shift key. Now click the power button (bottom right) and click restart. you will now be at the WinRE menu. Click troubleshoot. Select Dell Backup and recovery Restore Dell Factory Image If using a laptop, plug in the AC adapter. Point to the right hand corner of the screen to bring up the charms bar. Click Settings. Apr 11, 2013  Dell Windows 8 Factory Reset. Click Settings, and Select Power, Then Press and Hold shift, and click restart. This will then boot into Recovery Mode From here you can select the Troubleshooting option, and reinstall your Windows 8 OS. If you have any questions or if this article helped you out, visit us on our facebook page and say hello. factory recovery dell windows 8 Dec 13, 2018  Click Next on the following menus until your computer goes ahead and completes a system restore. Recap Once youve reset your Dell Windows 8 laptop to factory settings, you can go about putting your files back where they belong. If you are selling or returning the laptop, now is the perfect time to do that.

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