Is windows 8 good for non touch screen

2020-04-03 05:50 Dec 30, 2012 does windows 8 work on a non touch screen like a desktop pc or on a laptop with no touch screen? Is Windows 8 good for gaming? Question's about windows 8. should i get it? Answer Questions. You know how you are on a website, like 123movies or something and you get this pop up tabs. Are they harmful?

Feb 03, 2013 Windows 8 is Just a PlatformOS just like Previous Windows, Changes and upgrades are made in it. Windows 8 works fine in both Touch devices as well as KeyboardMouse connected DesktopsLaptops. So good luck Go ahead and make your choice. Here are some links helpful to learn Windows 8 for NonTouch devices is windows 8 good for non touch screen Dec 09, 2013 But after using Windows 7 for more than 4 years now, I am getting a bit bored and would love to try a new OS. Problem is that my laptop does not have a touch screen, so would you recommend Windows 8. 1 on a nontouch laptop? The cost is not really an issue since I am a student and I can get a Windows 8. 1 Pro for 70 from Microsoft store.

Why Windows 8 should have been for touchscreens only. Nontouchscreen PCs are no good. of all laptops shipped this year would feature a touchscreen. Windows 8 should have been 'Windows is windows 8 good for non touch screen

Feb 22, 2013 We give a run through of the basics for using Windows 8 on nontouch devices. We cover the Start Screen, Live Tiles, Groups, Zones and the Charms Bar. Oct 24, 2012 Using Windows 8 without a touch screen makes it so hard to use, if you decide to use Windows 8 on a nontouch screen computer then disable the Modern (Metro) UI as it's entirely touch screen based, it does work with a mouse but no where near as well! is windows 8 good for non touch screen

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