2 hard drives with windows 7

2020-02-28 01:56 Aug 04, 2011 I have a Dell laptop that qualify's for the Win 7 upgrade. I also have two hard drives, a small 5400 rpm& a larger much faster 7200 rpm drive. I use the smaller slower one most of the time, but when I need speed I trade them out. I have Vista on both. Can I install WIN 7 on both drives. Now Please see: Windows 7 Home Premium License Agreement 1

Sep 30, 2009  I have windows 7 RC. I have 2 Western Digital 500 Gb hard drives (internal) and 1 1Tb External Western Digital Hard drive Connected to my computer. If I restart my computer all the hard drives are seen for a while, it varies, but at some point I will 2 hard drives with windows 7 Dec 27, 2010 I recently got a new Hard drive and I want to install my OS on this one because it's faster. Is it possible to install it right now (windows 7 on the new HDD) when I have another windows (7 too) on my old HDD, boot into the new drive, transfer important files from old HDD to the new one and format the old Hard drive and turn it into a storage drive?

Aug 05, 2012 I have 2 hard drives on in My PC one with 900GB and one with 200GB and i recently bought a copy of windows 7 64bit what i was thinking of doing was to use the 900GB hard drive for just gaming and the 200GB to surf the internet will there be any issue, that i already installed windows 7 on the 900GB? drive when i load up the PC with the windows disk in the drive it gives my the option to 2 hard drives with windows 7

Find great deals on eBay for hard drive with windows 7. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: hard drive with windows 10 sata hard drive windows 7. Include description. Categories. All. 2TB Hard Drive with Loaded Windows 7 Home Oct 21, 2012  I just put a new machine together with all new components and installed windows 7 as the OS. My board is a ASRock 970 Extreme 3. I installed 2 hard drives both connected through the SATA ports. The first is a OCZ Agility 120GB SSD which I installed the OS on. The second is a Seagate Barracuda 320GB used for storage and programs. After installing Windows I noticed when I go to Sep 04, 2009 Re: 2 Hard Drives with Windows 7 Reply# 5 on: September 04, 2009, 04: 11: 28 AM Patio is right, Win7 creates the boot. ini on any other hard drive that it can find and then prevents you from formating them. 2 hard drives with windows 7 Feb 12, 2014 Can I have 2 hard drives on same computer with Windows 7& 8? ? ? Hi, I have a brand new Dell XPS 8700 that came with Windows 8. 1, I had issues with my audio recording software and 8. 1 so I purchased a brand new hard drive and installed Windows 7 on this system. Yes, 2 Hard Drives definitely will use up more electricity (not so very significant). It should not affects your performance of your PC too. With regards to dual boot, you can either have two partitions on your 1st hard disk, in which you install one OS on one partition. Explore Your Options for Windows 7 Hard Drives. A hard drive is an important component for any computer system. To run the Windows 7 operating system, you will need to utilize a properly sized and designed hard drive for your computing needs. You will find a wide range of Windows 7 hard drives available on eBay. May 12, 2011 Flash drives and external hard drives I have windows 7 pro and recently I have not been able to open up a new folder on any external hard drive or flash drive that I use with my computer. When I use these same flash and external hard drives in another computer it works fine, my initial thought is, there is something disabled in my

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