Windows 8.1 border width

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Dec 01, 2012  We have previously discussed how you can change window border size in one of our earlier posts on the best Windows 8 tweaks, hacks and tips but that method involves heading deep down into the dreaded Windows Registry and manually changing values stored in oddlynamed variables something certain people feel is a little too risky, even though windows 8.1 border width Sep 28, 2013 If you open any new windows in window 8 you will notice the border of that windows, out of the fours windows border we can customize the three sides of borders left, right and bottom. By default the border of windows is little bit thick, you can easily reduce width of the borders and also increase to, there will be two ways of doing that, one will be using the registry changes and other by

Nov 30, 2012  How to Change the Window Border Size in Windows 8 Chris Hoffman @chrisbhoffman November 30, 2012, 6: 00am EDT The window borders on Windows 8s desktop are fairly thick by default, but they dont have to be you can customize the side of the window borders with an easytouse application or a quick registry tweak. windows 8.1 border width

Feb 26, 2015 Original Title: Windows 8 Border Padding. Hi. Trying to find a way to change the border padding to 0. I use multiple windows side by side and the width of the border decreases significantly my workspace, any ideas? Aug 20, 2012 Change thickness or width of the window borders. The range for this value is from 0 to 750 ( twips ) with the default, as is seen in my Windows 8 Pro x64 RTM installation being 12 (12 twips). Values entered in twips ( negative or minus values) are rounded to the nearest pixel value. For instance, 17 converts to 1 pixel, and 28 converts to 2 pixels. Customize The Border Width in Windows 8. 1 and 10! By default, the borders of windows in Windows 8 and 10 are quite thick, and if you, like me, do not like it, you can make them as thin as they were in previous versions of Windows. windows 8.1 border width Jan 28, 2018  Border Width of Windows Change in Windows 8 1. Press Windows R keys to open the Run dialog, type regedit, and clicktap OK. 2. If prompted by UAC, then clicktap on Yes. 3. In regedit, navigate to the location below. (see screenshot below). 4. In the right pane of WindowMetrics,

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