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2020-02-22 18:59 Say hello to the newest addition of our Boeing family: the 7879 Dreamliner. With more seating, smart technology, and innovative design, our new 7879 Dreamliner, along with its little sister the 7878, are sure to transport you around the world in supreme comfort.

Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner has the best airplane windows ever. It ditches that small window with a pulldown plastic shade and replaces it with a larger, dimming window that can be adjusted to 787 dreamliner windows Aug 08, 2011  The 787's windows dim when electrical current is applied to a thin layer of gel between two pieces of glass. (Boeing photo) Seeing all the coverage of Boeings 787

Connecting the World. Opening New Nonstops With the 787 Dreamliner Family With its unparalleled fuel efficiency and range flexibility, the 787 Dreamliner family is helping airlines open new nonstop routes profitably. With more than 170 new nonstops in service and announced and counting, 787 dreamliner windows

Mar 14, 2014 These dimmable windows for sure will increase the appeal of window seats on 787 Dreamliner, because the views can compensate the inconvenience. Boeing 787 Windows Show Passengers the Joy of Boeing 7879 Dreamliner. A dream come true on the Boeing 7879 are the large windows. The Dreamliner windows have the size comparable with hand luggage 27 x 47 cm and are 30 larger than in other passenger airplanes. Additionally, their location allows the passengers to see the horizon. Darker Windows Coming Soon to the Dreamliner. If youve ever flown on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, you probably noticed one common airline feature is missing: the window shade. Instead, the Dreamliners windows are designed to tint at the push of a button either by the passenger sitting in the window seat or the flight attendants control panel. 787 dreamliner windows The windows in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are awesome. You can electronically dim them for five different levels of sunlight and visibility. Thats so much better than the typical airplane window Largest windows in the sky: With the largest windows of any jet, on the 787 every seat is a window seat: Every person can see to the horizon, for a view like never before. The windows also dim at the touch of a button, allowing passengers to look outside when they wish Jun 24, 2012 one of the remarkable advantage of Dreamliner boeing 787's are Electric Controll Windows instead of use a classic shade, Dreamliner use Electrical control window glass. Boeing's 787 Dreamliner has windows that are unique to the industry. Passengers can dim and brighten the amount of light filtered through them, by pressing a button just below the window.

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