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2020-02-29 09:47 When I use either User. Identity. Name or I get the user NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE returned because the code is published to an IIS server and it reads the servers user as opposed to my local machines windows user name. .

Nov 13, 2005 home topics c# c sharp questions get current user name from system I want to get current user name from system (in windows applications) by using WNetGetUser function from Mpr. lib. Please help me. Thanks. Nov 13 '05# 1. Post Reply. Share this Question 2 Replies. P: na c# windows user full name How do I get the display name of the user that is logged in? Not the username, but the display name, such as is shown in the screenshot below and as seen on the start menu in any Windows Vista7 computer. . I tried a bunch of different suggestions from other questions, but they all show the username, not the display name. You can see the results of these attempts in the above screenshot.

If using Windows authentication in a domain context, this solution should work in both the debugger and when deployed to IIS to get the current user's firstlast name. Add a reference to first. c# windows user full name

Jan 27, 2006  Windows user name. C# C Sharp Forums on Bytes. Home Questions Articles Browse Topics Latest Top Members FAQ. home topics c# c sharp questions windows user name I get the user name of the current Windows user. But how can I get the full name May 20, 2002 Most Sensible C# Method. Impersonates Impersonates the user represented by the object. IsAnonymous Indicates whether the user account is identified as an anonymous account by the system. IsAuthenticated Determines if the user has been authenticated by Windows. IsGuest Indicates whether the account is defined as a guest account by the system. Sep 11, 2009 Use. NET 3. 5's DirectoryServices namespace to quickly and easily get at a user's full name. I wanted to display the current user's full name to see who is using my application and then log that to a table in SQL, how hard could it be! ? I was using VB. NET for this particular project so I tried My c# windows user full name Aug 02, 2010 Re: Display user's fullname using Active Directory in asp. net using c# . net Jul 14, 2010 03: 20 AM AlanT LINK Hi, I am also trying to get the full name of the logon user from Active Directory but using the code above returns empty user name. I'm working on an application which as an interface requiring the user's name to be provided as components (first, middle, last). When setting up a user in AD the user dialog has text boxes for (first, middle, last) and then combines these into a display name. I want to get user name using Windows authentication Actually I implemented Sign in as different user , when click this button Windows security will appear there we can give credentials. In that time if I give some other credential it is taking current user name only. Gets the user name of the person who is currently logged on to the Windows operating system. AND. displays the user name of the person who started the current thread. If you test Environment. UserName using RunAs, it will give you the RunAs user account name, not the user originally logged on to Windows.

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