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2020-02-24 09:16 I wanted to make new playlists for my music in windows 7 media player but no matter how often I right click to delete it, the playlists won't leave. There is no music on it anymore, but the names are still there as if the playlists still existwhich they don't.

Aug 08, 2010 Windows 7: Can not delete playlists from library. 1. For the new ones, go to the Library entry, right click on it and Add to windows media player list . 2. To delete in WMP, click on Playlist in the left pane. Then it will show all of them. Try to delete it there. Works for me. clear playlist in windows media player My program uses windows media player in C# so that I can play almost any sound file. Some sounds need to play in succession, one after the other. The only way I could think to do that was with playlists, but I can't figure out how to clear the playlist between calls to the windows media player.

Needless to say, to delete Windows Media Player library permanently from your computer, you need to take some added measures. To clear Windows Media Player library and content from your Windows system, follow these steps: Step 1. Launch Windows Explorer on your system and visit the dedicated folder of Media Player. Step 2. clear playlist in windows media player

Apr 21, 2007 Best Answer: Open your windows media player, Go to media library and then click My playlists after that the lists u have will come out, right click on the one u don't want and Play, rename and delete will come out push delete and your done. Click the Clear History button located to the right of this area. It will immediately clear your media playing history from Windows Media Player. To further get rid of more media information, press the Clear Caches button to delete the caches of your CDs or other devices. How can the answer be improved? clear playlist in windows media player Apr 17, 2018 Removing recent entries in Windows Media Player 9 and 10 series Click Options under the. Tools menu. Click the Privacy tab. Click the Clear History button to clear Windows Media Player's recently played files list. If you are using Windows Media Player 9, click the. If you are using Windows Sep 25, 2017 media, player, windows media player, playlist, playlists, windows media to create a regular playlist in Windows Media Player, Windows 8. 1 Create edit and remove Feb 24, 2019  I have several playlists in Windows Media Player on Windows 7 Professional 64. I can't seem to delete any of them. Some are just test playlist and most have no

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