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2020-02-24 09:39 It needs to be copied to the AllUsers Desktop (I'll use a domain admin account to run the batch file). On my Win7 system, the ALLUSERSPROFILE returns C: \ProgramData. Is there a variable that returns the AllUsers Desktop path across every version of Windows? I have a mix of XP, Vista, and Win7.

Windows Vista. From the desktop, right click the My Computer icon. Windows XP. Select Start, select Control Panel. double click System, and select the Advanced tab. Click Environment Variables. In the section System Variables, find the PATH environment variable and select it. windows xp desktop environment variable Mar 13, 2008  I will be dealing shortly with a simple CLI installer and need to create a shortcut on the users desktop. Trouble is the desktop is only called Desktop in the english version and has other languagespecific names in nonenglish versions (ie. Portuguese: Ambiente de Trabalho. )So, what I

Dec 07, 2005 Environment variables are used to control the behavior of batch files and programs in Windows XP; they also control the way Windows XP and the MSDOS subsystem appears and works. To see a complete list of the environment variables that are active on a Windows XP system, follow these steps: Open a Command Prompt window. Type Set and press [Enter. windows xp desktop environment variable

List of Environment Variables in Windows Operating System. So we are listing them separately for Windows XP and other Windows versions. You can access the list of Environment Variables present in your computer using System properties Advanced Environment Variables button. You can also directly access it using control sysdm. cpl, system, 3 command in RUN dialog box. The name of the environment variable. lpBuffer. A pointer to a buffer that receives the contents of the specified environment variable as a nullterminated string. An environment variable has a maximum size limit of 32, 767 characters, including the nullterminating character. Nov 13, 2018 Default environment variables in Windows. Updated: by. In Microsoft Windows, environment variables contain configuration values for the entire system, as well as the current user. In this document, you'll find the default names and values of the environment variables used by Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. windows xp desktop environment variable How can the answer be improved? How to Add to Windows PATH Environment Variable. The most used environment variable in Windows is probably the PATH variable. It basically allows you to run any executables that are located inside the paths specified in the variable at the command prompt without having to This code works for me in English and Polish versions of Windows 7 and Windows XP. The: reparse subroutine allows for delayed expansion of environment variables. In this article. However, there are practical limits depending on the mechanism used to access the block. For example, a batch file cannot set a variable that is longer than the maximum command line length. Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP: The maximum size of the environment block for the process is 32, 767 characters.

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