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2020-02-28 02:42 Oct 02, 2018 Describes an issue in which Windows 10 builds are excluded from WMI filter results. WMI Group Policy filters that compare Win32OperatingSystem BuildNumber don't work as expected on Windows 10. although you would expect the WMI filter to cause the Group Policy setting to apply to build number 9200 and later builds, Windows 10 builds are

We have a domain with over 900 Windows 7 computers and we are starting to test Windows 10. It is useful to be able to target Group Policies at just Windows 10 devices and to do this we can use a WMI filter. Now we are introducing Windows 10 computers to our domain we need wmi filter windows 8 and 10 Jul 20, 2017 But Windows 10! ! ! Existing WMI filters have syphoned off various GPO policies to target PCs with OSs earlierlater than Windows 7, earlier than Windows 8, or the same as Windows 8. 1 depending on circumstances. . These filters usually revolve around throwing out the correct versions of compatible software.

Create WMI Filters for the GPO. ; 3 minutes to read; In this article Applies To: Windows Server 2012. To make sure that each GPO associated with a group can only be applied to computers running the correct version of Windows, use the Group Policy Management MMC snapin to create and assign WMI filters to the GPO. wmi filter windows 8 and 10

Mar 08, 2016  By creating a WMI filter that looks for the Windows 10 version number and then linking that query to our Windows 10 group policies, we can ensure that only Windows 10 PCs will get the policies we want. First we use the command line utility wmic to find out what version of Windows wmi is reporting. (Make note of the version number, quite a Aug 17, 2017  In this article, Ill show you how to create a Group Policy WMI Filter for Windows 10 Machines only. Using a Group Policy Filter, Ill be able to apply a Group Policy to Windows 10 machines only and exclude Windows Server or Windows 7 and 8 machines. To get started, Open Group Policy Management Continue reading How to Create Group Policy WMI Filter For Windows 10 These have largely been mitigated for Windows 10 applications HOWEVER WMI filter queries are affected by this change. The example below might be familiar as it is a common way to apply a GPO to all Versions of WIndows after 7. It would also automatically work for Windows 8 and Windows 8. 1 but it will fail for Windows 10. wmi filter windows 8 and 10 Aug 24, 2017  To have a WMI filter that matches Windows 7 or later (including Windows 10) then you need to use the following WMI filter: select from Win32OperatingSystem where Version like 10. or Version 6. 1 This will evaluate true for Windows 10 AND any version of Windows greater that Windows 7 (6. 1) as the report below shows. The Microsoft KnowledgeBase gives an example to detect anything Greater than Windows 10 RTM, but I specifically only want to detect Windows 10 Creators and higher. Can anyone assist with a suitable WMI filter? Nov 03, 2016  Every now and then during Windows 10 deployments we need to use WMI filters for group policy objects, there are simply no better way of doing this, without a lot of work. WMI is simple to use and demands little maintenance. There WMI filters may also come handy since there are group policy settings that Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) filters is another method that we can use to filter the group policy target. This method is only can use to filter the computer objects and it based on computer attribute values. As an example, WMI filters can use to filter out different operating system versions, processor architecture (32bit64bit), Windows server roles, Registry settings, Event id

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