Windows 8 update taking forever

2020-02-20 17:01 Aug 22, 2018 Windows(7) did not like me when I turned off auto updates. But, I am happier checking only when I am prepared to actually do updates. Not a plus for windows 10 that is going to check and install on THEIR schedule, not mine.

May 11, 2018 Allow only manual updates on Windows 10 Bah, beyond that this link does list away to stop Windows making auto updates (I have been criticised for posting this before because of the name of site and way it disable updates) so only manual updates work. windows 8 update taking forever Jan 01, 2014 If you want to make Windows 8 look and feel like older versions of Windows, you can download and install Start8 from Stardock for 5 or Classic Shell from classicshell. net it's free.

Page 1 of 2 Win 8. 1 Windows update checking for updates eternally posted in Windows 8 and Windows 8. 1: Hello all, I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000. Restored it recently to scratch and windows 8 update taking forever

Feb 02, 2017 Running Windows 10 on Panasonic CFC2 laptops. When it comes to updates, they are taking FOREVER to install 20 to 30 minutes. Is anyone experiencing the updates taking this long. my users are screaming because time is money and updates are just taking too long. Apr 18, 2014 Greg Shultz walks you through the entire Windows 8. 1 to Windows 8. 1 Update procedure. As you know, on April 8th, the same day that Windows XP died, Microsoft released Windows 8. 1 Update. While the Mar 06, 2019 Windows 8 wont updatetakes forever to check. It is a 64 bit OS. The computer hasnt been updated since 2012 ( its not my computer, its my little cousins and im trying to fix it). It seemed like there was a virus on it and I was able to get rid of it by getting rid of unnessary files and deleting the third party antivirus which i believed was causing windows 8 update taking forever Dec 16, 2016  When Checking for updates takes forever on Windows 8. 1. After a bit of searching I found the July 2016 update rollup for Windows 8. 1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. One of the prerequisites for this update is the Servicing stack update for Windows 8. 1 and Windows Server 2012 R2: July 12, 2016, but that had already been installed in July, so I proceeded to install the rollup. It only took a few How can the answer be improved? Jul 11, 2018 Do updates on your Windows PC take forever to complete? Here's why it might be happening and a few potential fixes. Why Windows 10 updates take so long (and some potential fixes) Windows Central May 17, 2016 Windows update would run forever, say last checked 6 months ago, and never apply any updates. Tried these methods and none actually worked. And yes, the offline update takes forever, just let it run. Found another site that suggested Advanced disable Check for Other Microsoft products. This worked! The OS updates got applied.

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