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2020-02-21 15:40 Mar 24, 2017 This had led to me trying a variety of laptops, both Mac and PC, in the search for the perfect solution. In the video below I put the Asus GL502VS up against the Macbook Pro. While these machines both have different specs, the GL502VS is technically a gaming laptop, I was curious which one was better for video editing.

Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Software No Watermarks on WindowsMac 2019: 1. VSDC Free Video Editor Free Video Editor for Beginners. Compatibility: Windows. From a long past, VSDC has maintained the first rank in the list of best free video editors available online. video editing windows vs mac Which environment is better for those who need to edit video Windows or Mac? While the best video editing software is available on both platforms, the choice between hardware still poses a dilemma. This guide will help you make the right call. Share; Windows vs. Mac The AgeOld Battle.

Which OS is better for video editing, Windows or macOS (previously Mac OS X)? Before that, my job was configuring editing systems on both Windows and Mac systems, for about 18 years. ) 9. 5k views View 9 Upvoters. p r o m o t e d b y A h a! Which is the best agile software project management tool? video editing windows vs mac

Jan 03, 2016 There is no better OS for video editing, it all boils down to the software used, and the power of the processor in the machine (to render the finished product). In general, however, most professional video editing software is for Windows only, but there are some good Mac video editing programs such as Final Cut Pro X. Feb 18, 2014 The only Apple discussions happening at Toms is iOS stuff and a Mac vs PC flamewar thread thats resurrected every 3 months or so. not the only good thing there is also autodesk smoke that is exclusive for the mac it is a really good 3d animation video editing software. It will set u bak 3499 USD but i use it and its worth it and again video editing windows vs mac

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