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2020-02-20 18:25 Jan 03, 2006  Question: Q: iCal Events widget question I have the iCal Events widget on my PM G5 running. When the Dashboard window is selected on my PM G5 and I hold the mouse button down while on the iCal Events widget and then press F12 I can keep the iCal Widget

Oct 08, 2008  the ical program that i have in my dock displays the correct day and date, but the ical widget does not? ? ? The day is always one day ahead with my ical widget, but it works perfectly fine with the ical program, so it can' t be the timedate settings on ical widget windows Jun 13, 2005  iCal Widget Quickly view the current day, date, week and month, plus a list of events for each day based on your iCal calendar. so it looks like things have

You can see up to two weeks of upcoming events in the same widget without needing to open iCal. Need more info? Mouse over a calendar color to view the name of the calendar, or mouse over an events start time to see when the event ends. Features: Leopard compatible. View up to two weeks of upcoming events in the same widget. ical widget windows

iCalendar. Description: Want a free calendar that will display the current date? No need to worry about knowing what day it is already because it will be ideally displayed on the side of your desktop screen. The great thing about this is it is basically very simple. Remember: if you do not see events in the widget make sure to select the calendars that you want to see in the widget from the app so you can see them in the widget. The widget allows you which calendars to show in the widget. Apr 16, 2019 Windows 10 Calendar WidgetGadget The only thread I can find on this is about a year and a half old. Has the issue with having a calendar widget on the desktop been resolved yet? ical widget windows Dec 28, 2015  How to show iCal feed in Windows 10s Calendar app. Once you have an iCal feed added to your account, it becomes just as any regular calendars in the account. That means the Calendar app in Windows 10 will sync it down normally. You can show or hide it by place a check before its name on the left pane in the app.

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