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2020-02-28 06:24 Hi Chase, As you are aware, windows 10 and subsequent updates have caused windows phone 8. 1 apps to not work reliably. Sleep is affected by this and until i can completely rewrite sleep for windows 10, there is nothing I can do to fix microsofts bugs with backwards compatibility.

May 24, 2012 Sleep Timer For Windows 8. PC Sleep is a free sleep timer for Windows 8 PC. This Windows 8 Software enabled with automated functions like log off, Restart, Shutdown, Standby and Hibernate. You are almost familiar with these easy structured and userfriendly functions. The most significant part is that you can set automated time sleep timer app for windows 8 sleep timer free download Sleep Timer, Sleep Timer Pro, Barry's Sleep Timer, and many more programs Popular Apps Best Apps timer, windows 10 shutdown timer, pc sleep timer, sleep

Jun 06, 2016 Original Title: PC goes to sleep before sleep timer. I have a Lenovo T520i laptop. Since upgrading to W10 the sleep mode malfunctions. Regardless what the sleep timer setting is set for, the PC will occasionally go to sleep after just a few minutes of idle time. The only exception is when the sleep setting is set to Never . sleep timer app for windows 8

Dec 20, 2012 Fast and easy way to shutdown windows 8 when you want to leave it running for a while. Note: the command is (shutdown. exe s t# # # # # ) Replace the# with the amount of seconds. Jan 03, 2014 Set Windows 8 shutdown time using this Windows 8 shutdown timer app: Simply, click on Timer item on the menu, and click on any one option. This opens a window for setting the time. Using this window, you can set the time for all the 5 mentioned actions, that include: Shutdown, Restart, Log off, Hibernate, and Sleep. LD Timer for Windows 8 Free. Save prep time and use a real timer sound when time is up. sleep timer app for windows 8

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