Simcity 4 crash to desktop windows 8

2020-02-23 23:33 Nov 03, 2018 Original title: simcity rush crashes windows 7 ultimate I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate& SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition keeps on crashing. I've tried running it as an administrator& in compatibility mode under Windows 98me Windows& many more.

How to deal with random crashes? (self. simcity4) The music will skip and then it will exit out of the game to Windows. I run Windows 7 on my laptop and desktop which both have plenty of power to run the game. I run simcity on a virtual windows 8 image, my magic mouse is too sensible on windows and constantly zooms in and out, which simcity 4 crash to desktop windows 8 Aug 12, 2013 For Windows 8, here is the solution for SimCity 4 and SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition: Start by installing normally SymCity 4. Default: Right click on the SymCity 4. exe file and click Send To Desktop (create shortcut) . Then right click Properties on the shortcut has been added to your desktop.

Jul 23, 2015 I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 for 15. Microsoft promised that all software that ran on Windows 7 would run on Windows 8. That is not true. I played SimCity Societies on my computer before I upgraded to Windows 8 and it ran fine and didn't crash. When I tried to play it on Windows 8 Pro, it wouldn't start. simcity 4 crash to desktop windows 8

Jun 17, 2013  How to fix Sim City 4 from crashing when playing a game. Steps: Load the game until your in the main menu (Nation overviewoverview of cities) May 18, 2009 C: \Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps Then drag the SimCity 4. exe to your desktop to create a shortcut. Dbl click this to check it start Simcity 4 fine. (this will still crash to desktop after a time as you have not yet set CPU Affinity) Close the game. Nov 23, 2012 How to stop the CRASHES: (must be done everytime you launch the game unfortunatly)Start the game as usual. (This method can be done from anytime during the game but the sooner the better. Well let the game load at least first. lol)Alt tab out of the game and start the Task managergo to the Processes tab and find SimCity 4 simcity 4 crash to desktop windows 8 Jan 16, 2018 I assume you are using windows 8 or 10? I personally went into compatibility and changed settings for all users and unticked disable desktop composition And so far I'm able to play but I'm not holding my hopes up too soon because the crash is so random. Btw I'm using windows 7 Pro. My other pc i tested it on was using windows 7 HP. Mar 20, 2009 Suffice to say it didn't fix it for me, but I still play and simply save often in case it crashes. Oh, and the game does suffer from a slow memory leak as well that can cause the game to crash once used RAM levels hit critical. This is a very slow leak though and doesn't usually cause any trouble unless you've spent several hours ingame. May 14, 2011 Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition Crash to Desktop? Simcity 4 keeps crashing to the desktop every time I try to save! I heard it's because the game wasn't made for dualcore processors (which I have) and that setting the affinity of the program so that it runs on only one core solves the problem. Sep 08, 2015 When I try to play the game using my copy from the Simcity Box, when I run the game it just does nothing! I am on Windows 10 and using the Simcity 4 launcher if that helps.

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