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2020-02-24 07:33 Aug 02, 2012  I also had to do this with a net accounts and a net start these worked fine with a powershell script. When I run net time however, I get access is denied. I connect as me (and I am a local admin on these machines) and I get access is denied. I also connect as domain admin and I

Dec 13, 2002  Net Time issues. 12 posts the access denied message is because you are not a member of that domain, so the system is refusing to even examine your request, let alone tell you what time net time access denied windows 8 Aug 08, 2010 I have a very simple login script that runs whenever a user logs in. The last action is to sync the time to the main server. I use the following: NET TIME \\SERVER SET YES I do not think that this is working on my Windows 7 domain machines and it says Access denied . What could be causing this? Thanks! Mike

Following on from this answer to my question, I'm getting access denied errors when trying to set time from one PC to another. . I can't find any references for this on StackOverflow, so I think it's a useful resource to have here. What are the general troubleshooting steps for this problem? net time access denied windows 8

Jan 08, 2012 I set it to run daily, but noticed the it wasn't updating my clock. I ran it manually (right click RUN). Didn't update clock, but Windows Date and Time windowInternet Time says that thesynchronisation was successful at either my sheduled time or whatever time I run the shedule task manually, but the clock is still wrong. Apr 16, 2018 In Windows Server 2003 and in Windows XP, W32Time frequently logs Event ID 50, and poor time synchronization occurs How to configure an authoritative time server in Windows XP Additionally, go to the following Microsoft website: Windows 8, 8. 1 or 10: Press Windows key X to open a dropdown menu. Select Command Prompt (Admin). . Alternatively, you can click Windows key and type cmd. . Rightclick on the search results and select Run as administrator. . If a UAC opens, click OK to confirm. net time access denied windows 8 Dec 16, 2013 Access is denied. I've verified that the following Group Permission is in effect and applies for the user in question: Local Computer Policy Computer Configuration Windows Settings Security Settings Local Policies User Rights Assignment Change the system time May 25, 2012 If you are facing from an access denied problem using Windows 8, rest assured that you are not alone. Thousands of Windows users all over the world are facing the same problem when they want to access files and folders.

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