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2020-02-19 11:38 May 29, 2008 Ramesh, MSMVP Guest. The history information is provided in the same three main categories that were provided in the Standard view: Hardware Resources, Components and Software Environment. History Information is provided by WMI, and is stored in the Extensible Markup Language (XML) data files located in

Mar 24, 2008 I cannot see it there however dataspec. xml shows in After this I clicked on Help and Support in Start and a message appeared which said: Windows cannot open Help and Support because a service is not running. pchealth folder windows 7 May 31, 2006 The PCHealth folder and it's files are 0ver 91 Meg in size. PCHealth is located in many places in my registry but nothing in the AddRemove. Windows 7 8, 164 discussions. icon.

In my server there are plenty of cab files in which are eating away a lot of disk space. Can someone advise if I can delete them or how to stop them? Can i off errorrep, buy doing some settings, so this folder won't be created. pchealth folder windows 7

Aug 17, 2011  Where can i find PChealth folder in Windows 7, or if there is an alternate for this Hi, can someone help me to find out where i could find out 'pchealth' folder in Windows 7, in earlier version of windows i could find it in windows directory, but in windows 7 it It was a file in C: \windows\pchealth. This file has cuased numerous Windows system problems since I deleted it. msnconfig stopped working, system restore stopped, drag and drop don't work, it only starts in some sort of safe mode but with a regular background, not the usual black in safe mode. Re: PCHealth folder. On my system, the Dellpch folder only contains a copy of the DPCH. xml file that sets some of the text and links on the Dell overlay in Help and Support. You can view it in IE (or Notepad, for that matter). The active copy is in Probably if you deleted the Dellpch folder nothing much pchealth folder windows 7 A snippet from the post: You can safely delete these files. QSignOff folder and the contents of this folder are related to Watson report. Whenever you hit any application crash, Watson will collect the memory dump, stack trace and other relevant info. These data are stored in QSignOff folder. Hi, i running low on drive space on my terminal server and found that there was 1. 8Gb in this folder is contains. cab and. txt files, can i delete these files Nov 19, 2008 The above directory (path below) had grown to nearly 1 GB of data. Within the directory, it appears the application has been producing a pair of files (1 text, 1 CAB) per instance, and this has happened a few times a month since last August (when we launched the VB. NET version of our application). Mar 02, 2005 shown in Windows 98, Windows XP enables you to view all changes to the computer since a certain date, and time. The history information is provided in the same three main categories

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