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2020-02-22 07:33 Check Windows Installer Version In Bat Script. Contents. Windows Installer Version Check; Windows Installer Version 5; Miscellaneous Tweaks Link Speed Test Web Stuff Conversions My Photo Galleries About This Site installation often can be worth the extra investment in time. For example, the

Jan 25, 2012 VBscript: Check OS Version Information and Detect 32bit or 64bit Windows January 25, 2012 DreamOn 0 Comments A little script to check the version of the OS check windows installer version vbscript Windows installer uses mutex to check for an ongoing installation. See if Powershell can use the same. I'm on mobile right now so when I get back I can look it up some more.

How to determine a file's timestamp, file version or product version check windows installer version vbscript

A vbscript to find windows version name and the service pack. My question says it all. Thanks. VBScript to check Windows Installer version of a remote computer Blog, Config Manager 2010. By request, heres something I wrote a few years ago. Given a computer name, this script will check the version and report any deficiency. In its present state, anything below Windows Installer version 3. 1v2 (requirement of many applications Dec 10, 2011 Now i try to make an vbscript that checks a txt with many server addresses and send me an email if there are windows updates or patches available. We do not install the updates automatically, so all servers have the yellow update icon in the taskbar. check windows installer version vbscript Jul 01, 2010 Call the API from VBScript. The following is an example of how you can call the ProductInfo() method on the object in Microsoft Visual Basic Script to detect the presence of a specific product. The product is specified by its unique product code GUID. Jan 22, 2008 My installer uses VBScript code, so it needs to check if the windows. scripting libraries are installed or not. It also needs to check the library. version, since FileSystemObject doesn't seem to be supported in versions. prior to 5. 5. Currently, I do this by looking for vbscript. dll, and then check the file. version. Aug 10, 2009 Determines whether a specified update (in this case, ) as been installed on a computer. 'Enter the hotfix number to check for: HotFixID 'ONLY the number, no letters here! 'Enter the name of the computer to check: ComputerName . . 'Replace the dot with a computer name, to connect to a remote computer status

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