Qashqai auto close windows

2020-02-24 07:54 i just recieved from dave (acesdvds) the auto close window kit (got it before you affy ) this was the sample kit for me to test, they cost the same as the mirror kits and will be available in a couple of weeks as we now know they work well on there own or with the mirror kit

NISSAN QASHQAI AUTO Close Windows& Mirror kit OpenClose kit 2007 2013 ONLY EUR 115, 96. Qashqai Auto Close Window Kit& Mirror Kit FOR 2007 TO 2013 MODELS TO SEE THEM WORKING WINDOW KIT Never leave your car windows open again to thieves to rob your car with the Auto Close Window Kit. This little gadget will work when you lock your car with the Key, Remote Keyfob or qashqai auto close windows Jul 20, 2016 Rain sensor and auto close windows NonTechnical Nissan QashQai chat. Mk2 Nissan QashQai Forums

Oct 31, 2017  HI I've been interested in such an install, but my Nissan Dealer In March 2015, seriously advised me to not fool around with the windows. He mentioned that on the previous 1st generation QQ, others who attempted auto window module installs, burned the window qashqai auto close windows

qashqai auto close windows

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