Unable to search network drives windows 7

2020-02-29 09:58 I am using windows 7, I cannot connect to a shared network drive on another machine. I can ping the machine. I can remote desktop connect to the machine. The machine is on the same subnet; My friend with the exact same laptop as me (and on the same network, same workgroup) can connect to

Aug 12, 2016 Dear all, I am unable to find a file in the network drive even though i am in the exact folder itself. For example, i am searching for a file named ABCDEFGHIJKL unable to search network drives windows 7 Nov 15, 2013 6 Replies. Windows search feature does not index mapped drives, it searches these by connecting to indexer on the host. So if host doesn't have search feature then it will default to old style searching, and it's slow. Another possibility is that search index on the host is corrupted or these files haven't been indexed yet.

I have 3 mounted network drives mounted to the i: , y: , and z: drives on my Windows 7 machine. I am able to unmount drives i: and z: just fine by either right clicking and choosing Disconnect , or by executing net use z: delete in the command prompt. However, my y: drive unable to search network drives windows 7

Jan 02, 2014 For nonWindows network shares (like most of the world's home NAS boxes): 1) On a 32bit Windows 78 the Windows Search UNC Addon allows to index network paths. 2) On a 64bit Windows 78 It is not possible to get a network (NAS) drive indexed. But you can use other search indexing applications, like Archivarius. Unable to map a network drive on WIndows 7 First of all check the security settings of your Antivirus and then especially of your firewall. Are there any changes in the settings? May 12, 2015  I was having the same problem, but I found that when I was typing into the search box and I clicked on the see more results I could click on custom and define which drive I wanted it to search without having to index it. It took a while for it to run, but it did eventually locate the file I unable to search network drives windows 7 Oct 25, 2012 Windows 7: Unable to Map network drives. Try this on the Win 7 machines Type Secpol. msc in the RUN command Expand Local Policies and select Security Options Under Network Security: LAN Manager Authentication Level Change the setting from Send NTMLv2 response only to Send LM& NTLM use NTLMv2 session if negotiated Under Network Security:

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