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2020-03-29 18:50 Feb 01, 2014 Windows 8, places useplatformclock true on AMD systems during boot up. This majorly effects performance considerably in Tera (and other CPU dependant applications). This majorly effects performance considerably in Tera (and other CPU dependant applications).

Ugh. What exactly is this sweetFX thing? I have windows 10 and the ONLY outside graphic setting I have for tera is that I added FXAA directly from NVidia control panel, which does a much better job and using less resources than Tera's own AA setting. I've had no tera windows 8 fix Dec 28, 2016 RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve PC performance. For almost 10 years, Microsoft never bothered to improve Windows Explorer copy and move functions by either adding advanced options or improving overall file transfer speed. This is the reason why most of Windows users relay on thirdparty file transfer tools such as TeraCopy.

Feb 23, 2014 i assume you are talking about TERA online? if so then its your processor the game for some reason runs like arse on AMD processors although apparently if you Change in the S1Engine. ini AllowD3D10False into AllowD3D10True that could fix it tera windows 8 fix

Jan 25, 2011  Unable to Login to Launcher Link. Try disabling or reducing the stringency of your antivirus before logging in, or (if you antivirus software supports it) try setting the TERA launcher executable as an exception within the software. If you have modified your Windows host file then this may be the cause; reset your hosts file using the Microsoft Fix it wizard. Fire up the tera launcher, click tools repair wait done. Ok the second time around this didn't seem to really work. so i figured if was missing dependencies, . net framework, dx9 files (i keep my games on a second drive) so either search for the full dx9 runtime on the web, or if you have other games installed look for a redistro folder, i found the full installer in my cities skylines folder. My Tera launcher doesn't work. What does Source file was corrupted mean? Repair stuck at 99. Repair time says longer than 7 days. Insufficient free disk space. If there's not enough disk space for the repair the patchrepair will fail; the Play button won't turn Yellow, and the message in the Blue status bar may say Source file was corrupted . tera windows 8 fix Apr 12, 2019 Sharief K Replied on January 8, 2014 Hi David, I would suggest you to place the computer in a clean boot state and try to launch Tera to check if there are any software conflicts. Close the WTM. Now, you will need to find the list of currently installed programs and find the target program in this list. To do this, you should rightclick on the Start button and choose Programs and Features (Windows 88. 110) or click on Start menu and go to Control Panel Uninstall a Program (Windows May 01, 2012  This issue is generally related because your windows is not uptodate. You can also try the workaround methods mentioned in the first point (# 1) to fix the issue. # 9 TERA Launcher is too large Cant Click the play button. You just need to delete a weird settings file in AppData directory. TERA is running in 3D. For some players with NVIDIA graphics cards, the upgrade to Windows 8. 1 is automatically enabling 3D. Without 3D glasses this will cause blurry graphics with distorted colors. If you started up TERA and the graphics are making you see double, your graphics card may be running TERA

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