Windows live id recovery

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5. Click the I Can't Use Any of These Options link if you are unable to reset your Windows Live ID password using any of these methods. Provide your Windows Live ID and alternate email address. windows live id recovery One of the new features in Windows 8 that Im particularly intrigued by is the ability to log on to the PC with a Windows Live ID instead of a more traditional local user account. On the Building Windows 8 Blog, Microsoft group program manager Katie Frigon tackles this new feature and provides

Jun 29, 2014 ( the author was expecting me to get into a blue screen didn't get that but did get options to factory reset again lack of training for staff on windows 8) Once in I reset my account or kept the new account I had to create to be on the forum. (the factory reset wll allow you keep data, but takes longer I think to reset) Hope this helps. Gary windows live id recovery

Feb 14, 2009 Best Answer: When you sign up for Xbox LIVE, you associate your Xbox LIVE account with a Windows Live ID. You use this Windows Live ID to manage your account, recover your profile, and sign in to services like Windows Live Messenger on your console. You can switch to another Windows Live ID if you no longer Use Security Question Step 1: When doing Windows Live ID password recovery, choose to answer your security question. Step 2: You will need to fill in your country and region and the answer to your secret question. Step 3: Once this is done, click Continue . Step 4: Type in your new password and May 13, 2015  Way 2: Recover Windows Live ID Password Using Alternate Email Step 1: Go to Microsoft Reset Password webpage: Step 2: Select Email me a reset link for Microsoft to send reset link to Step 3: Log in windows live id recovery But before you reset Windows Live ID password, you might want to try to recover your Windows Live password. All you need to do to see if you can recover your password is download and run Windows Live Password Recovery tool. Windows Live Password Recovery Free download. If the Windows Live ID Password Recovery tool does not work, you can try

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