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2020-02-25 09:15 Sep 18, 2013 I have ran into a bit of a snag. I need to disable Simple File Sharing and open up File and Printer Sharing (in the windows firewall) on the 600 ish computers in the 70 remote workgroups. I'm hoping to be able to do this remotely via a batch file or something. I have been able to enable disable Simple File Sharing via the below registry key.

Mar 25, 2006 Enabling File and Printer Sharing in Windows XP. The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate how to enable the networking service which allows you to share your files andor printers with other computers on a network. Click on 'Start' and then 'My Network Places In the left hand column under 'Network Tasks' click on 'View Network Connections enable file sharing windows xp remotely Enable file and printer sharing on XP SP2. 4. Go to the advanced tab, and click on settings 5. Go to the exceptions menu and make sure file and printer sharing is checked. 6. Click OK, and in the Network Connections Folder click on the tools menu, and select Folder Options 7. Go to the view tab.

Aug 28, 2009  How to Enable File Sharing between Windows 7 and Windows XP. Now scroll down to the bottom of the list and choose turn off password protection if you want to give access to all users to your public shares. If you want to turn it on then only those XP machines users having a user account and password on this machine (Windows 7) can access shared files, printers attached to this enable file sharing windows xp remotely

Turn On or Off File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista and XP. Open Control Panel. Choose Network and the Internet (Vista) or Network and Internet Connections (XP) if you're in category view or skip down to Step 3 if you see the Control Panel applet icons. In Windows Vista, choose Network and Sharing Jul 30, 2013 Installing File and Printer Sharing remotely. by ChekDub on Jul 30, 2013 at 17: 35 UTC. Active Directory& GPO. Solved. 5. Next: Active Directory Certificate Services won't start Windows Server 2012 R2. Get answers from your Windows XP right? It didn't enable File& Printer Sharing? Jan 19, 2012  Since Windows Vista and XP machines are disallowed to join the HomeGroup that is default in Windows 7, we will show you how to get around this issue so you can adequately share files from your Windows 7(from now on this will be referred to enable file sharing windows xp remotely Enable FilePrint Sharing Remotely (on the windows firewall) How, if possible at all, can you ENABLE FilePrint Sharing remotely? As we all know, if the Windows Firewall is running yet fileprint sharing is not checked you cannot do admin shares, can't access remote registry, or startstop services remotely and probably other things I'm Jun 02, 2011 I want to execute psexec on these computers but it is failing because the simple file sharing is enabled I want to disable the simple file sharing on the workgroup computers. I only know the Administrator credentials of the remote computer. Please reply with your valuable inputs. Sep 30, 2018 Simple File Sharing is always enabled and cannot be disabled in Windows XP Home Edition. However, it can be enabled and disabled in Windows XP Professional. Open My Computer from the Start Menu or Windows XP Desktop. Open the Tools menu and choose Folder Options from this menu to open a new Folder Options window. To enable File and Printer Sharing on a Windows XP system, follow these steps: From the Start menu, choose SettingsControl Panel. The Control Panel comes to life. Doubleclick the Network Connections icon. The Network Connections window appears. Right

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